Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alien Crash 1897!

Most people have heard about the Roswell supposed alien UFO crash of 1947, and the majority would say that was the first crash. Not so. There was a reported crash, a few years before the Wright Brothers even started the first flight. The 1897 alien crash defies what we thought we knew about man's flight-oriented way of seeing alien visitation. These folks were not used to anyone ever being up in the air except the occasional dirigible in big cities for special occasions. And, what the citizens reported was very vivid an a bit chilling when compared with Roswell.

It begins like this - in the 1896-1897 time frame around the US, various cigar-shaped craft were reported in the air. One report came in 1897 from the small rural farming town of Aurora, Texas where one of these airships was said to of crashed into a windmill. It was reported an alien being was found dead. The crash wreckage was said to have been dumped down a nearby well and the alien buried in a graveyard with a "Christian" burial. 

Some say it was a hoax performed by a member of the town who saw that, due to a lot of bad incidents, the town was dying and he wanted to keep it alive and remembered. 

But, in 1935, a man bought the property and opened up the well and removed the trash and then came down with a cripple and unusual case of arthritis supposedly caused by the contaminated well.  

For all the very good shows that have tried to uncover information at the site, there have been roadblocks from getting no permission to dig in the graveyard where ground-penetrating radar found a grave, to a supposed makeshift headstone being removed and more. 

So, did this crash really occur? I'd have to say something hit that windmill, something was dumped into the well, and people there seemed to be a bit excited about what it was, so either the stories got changed along the way in a town where there weren't big occurrences, or something truly unexplained confused them all. 


  1. Crashing into a windmill doesn't exactly say advance alien ship.

    1. That would be so, except there were no airplanes yet. The only things in the sky that could hit it would be a blimp or a meteorite. I can see where a meteorite might shock and amaze, but it also should have a description of a crater left behind. That they described aliens was rather odd as we were not yet into the UFO watching/alien visiting mentality yet. It's an interesting case. I doubt it'll ever be answered.

    2. Just as a side note a few years back I remember reading an article where some suggests that also during these time people were experimenting with gliders and steam powered air craft and as a possible theory that such a craft was the one to crash.