Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UFOs: What Happened at Shag Harbour?

October 4, 1967, a large object was witnessed by man to fall into the the water in a fishing village called Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia. The police and Coast Guard were called in to see what had happened. Eventually, the Air Force and the government chimed in on the investigation.

Almost a dozen people at just after 11 pm, witnessed this crash, reporting a low-flying orange lit object with a sound like a bomb whizzing by. 

It was such a reliable witness account that search and rescue were deployed. One group in a car said they could see something floating on the water. It was immediately considered a possible small plane crash.

Local boats were dispatched and a rescue team and yet no floating debris, bodies or other evidence of a crash was found in the water. Once it was confirmed, no planes were missing, the rescue search was called off. 

It was then labeled a UFO incident and underwater search planned.  Divers came in and dove for three days, reporting nothing found.

Canadian newspapers reported some dark object being hauled off and rumors began. It would seem that something definitely had crashed into the water, but why wasn't it found? The mystery remains today.

In retrospect, sorting through witness reports, others had reported four orange lit objects that night. One meticulous witness (a constable) expressed his take on what he was seeing - a 60-foot object with four lights on it. He reported that he then saw a yellow light moving slowly over the water and leaving a yellowish foam in its wake. It moved into the distance, diving under the water. This observation sounded rather purposeful instead of accidental. 

There is a phenomena called "USOs" which are "unidentified submerged object." These are UFOs that come and go from the water. 

In the height of Cold War paranoia, there was talk of a Russian plane and American involvement. Even though the story died out locally for a time, there was a nagging residue it left behind of unanswered questions. They found nothing? How could they find nothing when something was very evidently in the water? More meticulous interviews with the witnesses elucidated more details and some things that didn't add up about search and rescue.

For the most part, at the time period this occurred in the latter 1960s, it would seem that civilians and government workers alike were afraid to be attached to statements that might haunt their lives, their security and their careers.

Even after all this time, there are only two things we know for sure about this incident. 1. Something that was lit up, did crash into the water that night. 2. There seems to be information withheld into the true nature of what it was. 

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