EVPs: Sarah Estep

Vintage Para Month - let's go back in time to someone who made early great strides in the field of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).  

Sarah Estep, a paranormal researcher, passed on to the other side in 2008. She now has the answers, no doubt, but it would not surprise me that, if one can get answers from the dead, she would work diligently to answer them.

In 1976, she made her first recording on reel-to-reel tape. Remember that scene in "The Changeling" when after the seance, the main character replays his reel-to-reel and finds out that the questions they asked during the seance were recorded, even though they didn't hear them at the time? A classic EVP session--a dream one, really, since the spirit answered all their questions and clearly, as well.

After reading "Handbook of PSI Discoveries," about recording the dead, Sarah announced to her family that she was going to ask questions of the dead and see if she could get answers on recordings. They thought she was being eccentric, but Sarah was driven. She had lost grandparents as a young child and felt there was no afterlife. She sought information on the paranormal her whole life, hoping to come up with an answer.

When Sarah instructed, "please tell me what your world is like," she got the class A (all listeners hear the same thing clearly), she was replied with "beauty." Over time, a male voice who identified himself as "Styhe" became a voice that presented itself for 10 years for Sarah. For years, she gathered recordings with exceptional results including other languages and even music.

When she first started out, she thought it was a fluke, sometimes it would be silent for weeks, then a series of replies again. She believed she got a wide variety of people answering including relatives and famous people. 

In 1982, Sarah started AAEVP (American Association - Electronic Voice Phenomenon). She published a newsletter and sought to share information with others around the world. She eventually published a book, "Voices of Eternity."

Although she passed away in 2008, Sarah left us with a legacy of wonder. She was driven since her childhood to answer the great question of where we go and she found a means by which she had a particular talent. If you are interested in listening to her recordings, you can find them on this page.

One interesting thing to take away from what she did is this; she didn't have to go to a haunted site to talk to the dead. The dead came to her. That is one secret many do not wish to talk about because we think very linear - we must be in the location we think the spirit would be "trapped" when, in fact, the spirit realm has utter freedom. You simply have to call upon them, as you do when you are in distress or visiting a family member's grave. You call out to them, and they come. 


  1. I heard stories on how people are getting text from people who had passed on without knowing.


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