Desert Man of the UFOs

It's hard to talk about UFOs in the 50s, 60s and 70s without mentioning abductees, but what of contactees? Whereas abductees are taken onto craft supposedly for experimentation and observation, procedures and the like, contactees have communication with alien beings without any physical manipulation/examination or moving to a secondary site.

There was a supposed contactee named George Van Tassel. He was born in 1910 to a fairly well-to-do family in Ohio. He showed promise with his hands and mechanics and led a life of many jobs in the field of mechanic work and had a pilot's license. 

By a strange series of events (like most contactees report), he came across a man who was a loner and owned a prospect near Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert in California. When the loner died during WWII, Van Tassel applied to lease there to develop an airstrip.  

Van Tassel was an airplane mechanic and inspector. He spent years in the newly booming aerospace industry into the late 1940s. Then, he moved his family to a simple existence out by Giant Rock, living in a room dug out by the loner long ago. Van Tassel then proceeded to build a home, an airstrip, a cafe and a dude ranch there.

Interestingly, Van Tassel started hosting meditations in the room under the rock. That very year, he said he was visited by an alien from Venus who woke him up and spoke to him telepathically. He said he was given information about how to build something that could rejuvenate a human's cells, "a time machine for basic research on rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel."

Source:  Van Tassel described the Integratron as being created for scientific and spiritual research with the aim to recharge and rejuvenate people’s cells, "a time machine for basic research on rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel". The domed wood structure has a rotating metal apparatus on the outside he called an "electrostatic dirod". Van Tassel claimed it was made of non ferromagnetic; constructed of only wood, concrete, glass and fibreglass lacking even metal screws or nails. The Integratron was never fully completed due to Van Tassel's sudden death a few weeks before the official opening. In recent times some people who visit the unfinished Integratron claim to be rejuvenated by staying there, and experiencing sound baths inside.

Annually at the rock, Van Tassel hosted a Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention from 1953 to 1978. Guests arrived by car and even by small planes to the air strip to attend. Even George Adamski, the most famous contactee, attended. 

If that wasn't enough, in his "new age" compound, Van Tassel founded "The University of Universal Wisdom" and shared spiritual revelations from his encounters.

As someone who has had contactee encounters and the sorts of universal insights I was given, I do understand his determination to act on knowledge he believes he received from these encounters. I have tried to make sense of my own information and feel free to share it when people want to know. 

I believe there are encounters with other beings, whether they are from other planets or not, I am not certain, but I have my own thoughts on that matter. These are exceedingly similar to those who had "angelic" encounters throughout history. It can make you want to share a new perspective and, in that way, it is eye-opening and mind-opening for the general public. I get more uncomfortable when religious practices are based on it and cults are formed like the sad Heaven's Gate followers that performed mass suicide.

I hope we keep the conversations open. So far as Van Tassel is concerned, I think that he was heading to a destiny. His life seemed to lead to this point where he had a mission and he found the spot and the mission arrived. I understand the feeling. I think he might have had some genuine encounters or something so moving that it motivated him in extraordinary ways.

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