Barney and Betty Hill: The First Couple of Abduction

It was September 1961 and a couple was driving down the roadway in New Hampshire. Betty and Barney Hill were heading home from a vacation when Barney, who was driving, noted a star in the sky that seemed to be moving oddly. The couple watched it as they drove along, contemplating what it was. Finally, they pulled over to see if it was moving erratically as it looked, or they were just imagining it. Barney pulled out his binoculars to look at the "star."

What he saw was incomprehensible. It appeared to be a craft with windows and multicolored lights. He also saw individuals inside the windows. 

One minute, Barney was looking at the ship that had people piloting it and was truly amazing, and the next, he jumped into the car with his wife and raced down the roadway. 

The last thing they recalled was looking around to find the air ship was gone. Even more unsettling is that only a couple minutes passed, but they were 35 miles down the road!

The next day, still a bit unsettled, Betty Hill told her sister what they saw and she urged her to call the air force base, and she did. Apparently, they confirmed a UFO on radar.

When Betty repeatedly had nightmares of someone pulling her husband into a craft and local investigators noted their time line was missing 2 hours, they had to know what happened.

As the couple dodged curious reporters, they knew they had only one option; to contact a psychiatrist about this missing time issue and to perhaps dispatch nightmares and get their life back into order.

At the suggestion for regression hypnosis, the couple agreed. They both reported bald-headed alien beings that had slanted large eyes and grey skin and pear-shaped heads. They both also reported some kind of gynecological testing and sperm sampling.

Since their case was revealed, other cases were compared with it. They were the first couple that went terribly public with abduction and many skeptics call this a case of others coming forward "conveniently forgetting" encounters that were subconsciously planted by childhood knowledge of this couples' rendition of events. The use of regression hypnosis was commonly used henceforth on people who suspected they had encounters or recalled them only vaguely.

Ironically, when I was an adult, I went in for regression hypnosis to recall events in my childhood and during one session in which I vividly looked around my childhood bedroom and recalled every single detail of wallpaper, bedding, flooring, even the shoes I left on the floor near the door, I looked up and only several feet away, I saw a classic alien grey with two tall slender pale beings on either side of him. He wore a kind of colorful stone on his forehead between his eyes that looked to me, as a kid, as a sign of importance or royalty. There was an exchange of information from him to me. When I left the regression session, even though all the prior ones had been helpful and explicitly detailed, I did not believe in aliens or want to discuss what I saw. Since the hypnotist just told me to look around my room and get oriented, she didn't ask what I was seeing, I did not offer her the alien that I viewed. I did not feel fear, but a sense of comfort, as if he was someone in my life and familiar to me. I stopped all sessions after that and dismissed hypnosis as unreliable. It wasn't until about 15 years later, that I had some very awake, very interactive visits that I recalled completely. I have detailed this in my book, "My Alien Encounters" on Kindle. 

There was nothing about this couple to say that they were hungry for publicity, as they tried to dodge reporters and keep some privacy. They did, however, make everyone wonder in the back of their minds if they had something hidden from their consciousness.

What happened to Barney and Betty Hill told us a few key characteristics to look at when considering potential abduction; missing time, huge distances crossed within minutes, confusion about events, witnessing UFOs, nightmares with abduction themes, strange body markings/injuries and the like.

With the passing of the couple, there is no way to ever truly know what happened to them. It is a matter of belief or disbelief. Discerning people do not dismiss all abduction cases because they refuse to believe in alien abduction, instead they look at each case individually to find what has some credence. It would seem that the Hills had a case that held up over time and scrutiny.