1950s: Critical UFO Decade For California?

There are some supposed UFO crashes that made it big in the news and are talked about many decades later, but few know about the 1950 supposed crash in the Mojave Desert in California. It wasn't the only incident. That year found tons of reports of UFOs in California. What was up with that?

If you ascribe to the concept of USOs (that UFOs come from underwater locations where they hide), then California is a prime spot to sight them and perhaps something in 1950s had the USOs coming and going more than usual.

The Mojave supposed crash was described as this - 

Source: Reported in an FBI memo from the New Orleans Branch Director, "March 31, 1950... a disk found in the Mojave Desert in January 1950...Note: An alleged photograph of an alien body being kept in cold storage at Wright Patterson shows what appears to be a small HUMAN like being with human-like eyes and oriental features. Although it was about the size of the short grays, this particular being is apparently not sauroid-reptilian in nature. Is it possible that the eight- teen "human-like" occupants described in this quote are of the same race?"

Source: "On this land a flying disk has been found intact, with eighteen three-foot tall HUMAN-LIKE occupants, all dead in it but not burned."

-- FBI memo from New Orleans Branch to Director, FBI, March 31, 1950 about a disk found in the Mojave desert in January, 1950

This was not the only time California in the 50s had strange UFO happenings.

A United Airlines pilot on June 27, 1950 reported seeing a UFO.  

Source:  First Officer David Stewart of Redondo Beach, Calif., today told a news conference that his crew of five and some 25 passengers watched a brilliantly-glowing object speed through the desert sky Saturday night. Stewart said the object was more cigar-shaped than the previously reported pancake-shaped "saucers." He said his ship was flying at 14,000 feet and that the object flew a parallel course for 20 miles and then faded into the distance.

Source:  June 28, 1950 - 

Latest report of a mysterious flying "object" was given here yesterday by two United Air Lines pilots who described what they sighted at 8:08 p.m. (PST) last Saturday [June 24] while flying between Las Vegas and the Silver Lake check point eight miles north of Baker.

The object was somewhat cylindrical in shape, rather like a dirigible, according to Cpt. E. L. Remlin. First Officer David Stewart and Capt. Sam B. Wiper, an observer aboard the UAL Mainliner.

It had a bluish center with a bright orange tint and was flying horizontally at about 20,000 feet, much faster than the transport, the three pilots said.

They added it appeared to be about 20 miles distant, but admitted that altitude, distance, and speed could not be accurately judged without knowledge of the object's size.

Also Seen by Others

The fliers said the strange "ship--if ship it was--was also seen by Las Vegas CAA men andreported by an Air and a Navy plane in the general area.

"Was it a saucer?" Capt. Remlin was asked.

"I wouldn't know," he grinned. "I've never seen a saucer."

Another incident was reported at Lake Isabella in California.

Me at Lake Isabella (1985)
The site of a 1957 incident (photo below)

In 1957, a couple were out in the desert area near where Lake Isabella is now, and at the time in a dry lake bed region when they were taking photos. This (below) was not seeing while taking the shot, but on the color slides that came back from the lab, there it was! 

Now, how about a fellow he had gigantic claims in the 1950s? George Adamski, a Polish-born man who settled in Southern California produced many stories of encounters with UFOs since 1949 and into the 1950s. 

The photo above is one Adamski claimed he took of a UFO in 1952. This was called a fake and the "landing gear" called "light bulbs." 

He reported having encounters with many aliens that happened to stop his way, drop down, and have a little chat, including one from Venus. 

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