The Lost City of Z

Many hundreds of people have died trying to find the fabled Lost City of Z in the Amazon Region.

When Spanish Conquistadors first came to the Amazon, they came back from deep jungle investigations bearing amazing stories of unknown Indians and huge gold treasures.

Many went in, hoping to find the city of gold. Scientists scoffed that a sophisticated society couldn't live in such an isolated region. It did not, however, discourage even more people from losing their lives trying to find it.

Percy Fawcett was a mapmaker and explorer who decided he wanted to make a go of searching. In 1925, Percy took his son and his best friend and they entered the jungle; never to be seen again. They left behind lots of legends about them finding the city and never returning. Since that time, many others have tried to find this legendary city.

This search goes on today and, in fact, an archaeologist, Michael Heckenberger, believes he found the lost city in a region called Kuhikugu. He found clusters of settlements that housed up to 5000 people. As well, it showed an amazing technology of architecture and even roadways laid out and more. This would support a supposed city producing gold. 

In 2016, a movie is to be released based on this called "The Lost City of Z." 

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