QUIZ: What Fictional Pirate Are You?

It's time for another quiz! Count your a's, b's, c's and d's and then find out which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out which infamous pirate you are.

1.  When I was in high school - 
a.  I felt like I was living the same day over and over, I was just "doing time."
b.  I had a way of deflecting attention away from my lack of schoolwork with humor or charm. 
c.  I could not seem to shake my awkward adolescence and the dork factor everyone identified me with in junior high.
d.  I didn't listen to authority and did what I wanted. It got me in trouble a lot, but I was free.

2.  When I think of my first love, I remember - 
a.  Almost nothing. It seems so long ago and there have been so many since then.
b.  It was magical at first and then they brought up everything I did wrong all the time and the charm wore off.
c.  I can remember their scent, their smile, the way I felt, the songs on the radio, and every detail with longing.
d.  I was not ready to be locked down, I wanted my freedom and experience more than love.

3.  Music I prefer -
a.  Classical.
b.  Country-Western.
c.  1970s rock.
d.  Indie. 

4.  An ideal job would be - 
a.  Something I can count on, master, and perform over and over again easily and earn a safe annuity on retirement.
b.  Changing jobs often and trying new things, moving on when I get bored or frustrated.
c.  One that doesn't need references from the past jobs because otherwise I'm jinxed at getting a position. 
d.  Entrepreneur. I'm not taking orders from anyone.

5.  When it comes to my dating pool -
a.  I am cursed. It seems like I keep repeating the same situation over and over again.
b.  I either have them adoring and easy to charm, or angry and vengeful. It starts well, ends poorly.
c.  I have been hurt in the past in ways that I never really got over and find myself nervous and hopeless in new situations.
d.  I enjoy them, but I do not want to take one home and keep them. I like my freedom.

Now, count your a's, b's, c's and d's. Whichever one you have the most of, is your answer. Scroll down and find out what pirate you are. 

a.  Captain Barbosa (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Barbosa - Sometimes, you feel like life kicks you in the teeth and you are cursed. Every day is the same over and over and over again and you can't remember the pleasures of just being human. 

b. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Sparrow - You don't really have a game plan and hope that charm will make up for any lack of experience or forethought. You are spontaneous and swing from devastating defeat to beaming success in a moment's notice. 

c. Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

Hook - You are haunted by your old wounds. You seek vengeance, but sometimes the bravado is balanced by a healthy dose of insecurity. You are stronger with your gang around you than when you are alone. Being alone sometimes haunts you with images from the past. 

d. One-Eyed Willy (The Goonies)

Willy - You would rather die than lose what you fought so hard for. You will go down with your ship rather than be caught and held down. Freedom is your most powerful need.