Melting Glaciers Reveal Amazing Finds!

There's an amazing alchemy that happens when glaciers melt; they expose many hundreds or even thousands of years old remains that were kept fresh by the very ice cold that buried them.

In Norway, a melted glacier brought forth 1700 year old artifacts of clothing, mittens, shoes, even horse skeletons. 

In Italy, a melting glacier revealed the bodies of two young WWI soldiers who were buried there after being shot in the head. 

In Alaska, retreating ice revealed a forest that once was over 2000 years ago!

The Andes have been a treasure trove of finds since the ice has been melting at increased rates. So far, the list includes people, climbers, planes, and plenty of ice mummies. A 1947 plane was a recent find.  “When I found the pilot, he was still strapped into his seat, crunched over like he was sleeping, some black hair falling from his skull,” says a climber.

In Norway, a melting glacier revealed an 8th century ski!

In the Yukon, melting ice revealed 5000-year-old tools - 

Another find in the Yukon included a 4300-year-old dart shaft found in Caribou dung. 

Glacial mummies are becoming a big find around the world. Some of the more known ones include - 

Inca Children: In the 1400s and 1500s, children were sacrificed on the mountains. Freezing temperatures made them instant mummies.

Otzi:  He is perhaps the most famous one found on the border of Italy and Austria. He was about 5300 years old and in great shape. 

In Switzerland, they discovered an ice mummy that is even older than Otzi, from about 4500 BC. It also included many objects of his including bow and quiver, goat leather clothing and more.