Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ghosts, Cryptids, and Afterlife: Proof We Are Living in a Matrix?

In the movie "The Matrix," the popular SciFi movie asked the question; what if what we thought was reality was orchestrated so we didn't realize what the real-reality was?

This concept is moving from science fiction to science with lots of new theories about the nature of our universe.

The Simulation Hypothesis is a long-held philosophical concept that reality is an illusion. 

Source: The 'cosmic ray test' was developed by Silas Beane, a nuclear physicist at the University of Washington and involves scientists building up a simulation of space using a lattice or grid...Cosmic rays are the fastest particles that exist and originate in far-flung galaxies. They always arrive at Earth with a specific maximum energy of 1020 electron volts.
If there is a specific maximum energy for particles then this gives rise to the idea that energy levels are defined, specific and constrained by an outside force...Thus, according to the research, if the energy levels of particles could be simulated, so too could the rest of the universe.

There are HUGE implications to religions and to people in general if they were to realize we are in a matrix, a simulation of sorts, but this is kind of along the lines of how I see the process of this world and the next one we enter as we physically pass on. 

There is a newer deeper reality when we are afforded another dimensional perspective. This is akin to a photograph spending a day as the person it represents - what a difference having all the senses and space and depth and physicality! So, imagine the next process! This is what near-death experiencers liken to "that was the REAL world and this one is not."

What about the phenomena of ghosts, especially residual ones; moments in the past replayed? Could that be a glitch in the matrix? What about when you see an image for a split second and it's gone, you smell something that shouldn't be there? Have a sense of Deja vu?  Are those glitches? 

And, if you want to delve into serious mind fuck territory, what about cryptids? Is there a passage from one reality to another that makes them capable of retreating? Having higher knowledge by way of knowing the other realm? Imagine it like this - I am a person in my home, doing my daily activities, and take a break for a while to "escape" by painting a 2-dimensional painting or creating a movie on my computer. I am playing in the 2-dimensional realm for my leisure and then go back to my regular existence. 

Can this be what cryptids are doing? Escaping for a bit of nostalgia, to play in the 3D physicality for a time and then go back to the greater reality? Did they swallow the red pill and have knowledge of this other realm that lords it over ours? 

And, further, did other beings millions of years ago learn how to cross over behind the matrix and come and go at will, showing themselves as UFOs and greys, shadow people and black-eyed children? 

Well, this is another explanation that might make the "metaphysical" qualities of the cryptids make sense. 

Is there a matrix? I tend to think so in terms of a greatly orchestrated universe and some inconsistencies that defy the science we believe is ruling the universe. Perhaps evolution was not a smooth process, but a revision upon occasion (a kind of app update). If we apply the matrix hypothesis, the universe's weirdness suddenly makes sense and its "creation" appearance has logic, as well as its discrepancies being part of the process. 

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