Did a Florida Man Tap Into Ancient Knowledge To Do the Impossible?

One of the strangest unexplained feats of the 20th Century occurred in Florida. 

In the 1920s in Homestead, Florida, a reclusive immigrant named Edward Leedskalnin bought a piece of land. He was a 5-foot tall, 100-pound frail man who supposedly suffered from TB and reported he healed himself with magnets. He had been thwarted, it had been said, by a 16-year-old love in Latvia, and so he spent his lonely hours building a castle for the love he would never know.

He cut and moved huge blocks of limestone/coral, weighing up to 30 tons each. Some local kids said they had watched him move them like helium balloons and Edward claimed he used a "perpetual motion holder."

Many have speculated how this little man did it with basically very simple tools, little strength, and all alone. They pondered if it was secrets the stone masons knew or perhaps the knowledge of the Egyptian pyramid builders. Interestingly, in "Death Valley Men" book, the supposed finder of the tunnels in Death Valley that housed ancient giant mummies, reported that they had boulders as doors that pivoted freely with amazing balance and a wheelbarrow that was made of stone but could easily be moved by the balanced leverage of it. Interesting that two who had no contact with each other, in different time periods, would report the same kind of stone knowledge shared by ancients.

It's unclear exactly why Edward decided to move this elaborate castle, that even had the pivoting doorway of stone, but he supposedly was very private. He moved it 10 miles north to its current location in Homestead, Florida, without any apparent equipment.

He quietly continued to work on it until his death in 1951. In fact, many experts wished to understand his feats and even the government came to inspect it and ask questions, but they left baffled by his evasiveness.

Source: Estimates for the number of workers that built the Great Pyramid range between 20,000 and 100,000. Though it should be noted that the precision to which Leedskalnin worked his coral was not the same as that worked on the pyramid stone, based on the abilities of this one man, quarrying and erecting a total of 1,100 tons of rock over a time span of 28 years, the 5,273,834 tons of stone built into the Great Pyramid could have been quarried and put in place by only 4,794 workers. Figure in the efficiencies gained from working in a team, the division of labor, and we can reduce the number of workers and/or shorten the time needed to do it. Let's not forget Mr. Merle Booker (deceased) of the Indiana USA Limestone Institute, who prepared an estimate for the delivery of enough limestone to build a Great Pyramid. Using the same criteria, with respect to size and quantity, as the ancient pyramid builders, but using modern equipment, his estimate included tripling the average output of all 33 Indiana limestone quarries. The estimate did not factor in any equipment failures, labor disputes or acts-of-God. He estimated that twenty seven years after the order was placed, the last stone would have been delivered!...

Leedskalnin took issue with modern science's understanding of nature. He flatly states that they are wrong. His concept of nature is simple. All matter consists of individual magnets and it is the movement of these magnets within materials and through space that produces measurable phenomena, i.e., magnetism and electricity. Whether Leedskalnin was right or wrong in his assertions, from his simple premise he was able to devise a means to single-handedly elevate and maneuver large weights which would be impossible using conventional methods. There is speculation that he was employing electromagnetism to eliminate or reduce the gravitational pull of the earth. These speculations are entertained by some and scoffed at by others, who have feet which are firmly planted in the real world.

There are not many clues as to knowledge Edward possessed, but he spoke of magnets and of this perpetual motion holder. In some photos, he had tripods and a hand crank, but how all of this was utilized is a bit of a mystery. Adding in the concept of frequency, magnets, earth's energies...one can only speculate.

This seems to be another case of Homo sapiens having missed some very basic earth sciences that can break what we consider to be absolutes about gravity, resonance, energy and frequency. But, one simple man in Florida in the 1920s onward, seemed to be utilizing this knowledge of the ancients. It is time, perhaps to relook at some old ancient symbols.