Friday, February 6, 2015

Ancient Atomics?

There are certain oddities in our world's past history that has to make one ponder - were there some kind of atomic weaponry or atomic reactions that occurred in the Earth's past and who is responsible and how?

One such oddity are glass fields. In the desert sands, fields of glass created by high heat, usually created by things like lightning, but too large to be created by such a strike. Some researchers have proposed these were created by meteor strikes, but with no craters, it seems rather far-fetched.

During the testing of atomic weapons in New Mexico, fields of glass were created from the blast site. 

Vitrified ruins are another example of potential atomic blasts. These have been found in ancient ruins in which the stones literally melted together. Such an action would take 1100 degrees Celsius. 

Tap O' Noth in Scotland has walls that appeared vitrified. 

In Indian, some excavations showed people holding hands and dropped in the street, never buried, as if one big disaster happened at once, taking them all. There was evidence of clay having melted and fused together. There are legends in India of past epic battles that involved flying ships and strange particle beams.

India, it would seem, is the center of this evidence. There is a crater there, but no evidence of a meteor. Such things make one wonder. I suppose another explanation is like what happened at Tunguska in Siberia in the early 1900s when the blast caused quite a catastrophe and was believed to be a meteor that exploded above ground, blasting everything around.

In Rajasthan, India, when preparing to build a development, they found evidence of radiation in an area full of deaths and cancer. At the 8000 to 12,000 years ago mark, it appears some kind of atomic occurrence took place there. It destroyed buildings and as much as a half million people. 

Mohenjo Daro 

The ancient Indian text Mahabharata tells of an ancient battle in which there was an epic explosion, killing everyone and everything, others with hair falling out and contamination of food. An archaeologist studying Mohenjo Daro found that there were etchings mentioning praying to be spared from the light that would lay their village to ruin. Work on the site was supposedly halted while they checked to see why radiation was high. Reportedly, the skeletal remains uncovered in the streets of this ancient city showed high levels of radiation.

In the Nazca planes where the famous geoglyphs are, there are thousands of holes. They are dug into the rock about 3 feet deep and 3-6 feet across. That is a hugely laborious work and the reason is absolutely enigmatic. Interestingly, the holes end where the land turns very dark and appears as if there had been an explosion. Researchers cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for why this huge work was done (more on that in an upcoming post here about Nazca's other secret).


Were there nuclear weapons in the past? Might there have been another optional explanation besides splitting of the atom? Did ancient man have weapons we can't imagine? Was Sodom and Gomorrah really the victim of a planned target? Were aliens involved? Might there have been a bombardment by meteors made of ice that burst above the surface of the earth, like Tunguska? 

There are lots of disasters that might have happened in the past to whole towns, villages, countries, hemispheres. We have yet to really understand the year by year history of this earth. But, the town in India that appeared to have fallen to their knees and died on the streets is a whole new mass killing by unknown means that keeps us focused on what has the capacity to do that. One would assume that, for people to die on the spot, they would be near ground zero and their buildings certainly wouldn't still be standing. 

Were we visited by nuclear blasts in the past? Hopefully scientists are willing to keep that on the table when they find the unexplained, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Mohenjo Daro 
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