Aliens Leaving Us Messages!

There are many ways that believers claim aliens are trying to signal us; from contactee encounters, crop circles and even binary codes. Let's have a look at alien message conveyances.


I have had my own contactee encounters all my life and I am the most skeptical person in the world about the concept of people from other worlds visiting us, but just because we know some of the physics of our world, does not mean we know them all. At one time, the notion of quantum entanglement seemed like a ridiculous notion, but now we know this to be true that two particles can be separated and yet what happens to one, happens to the other. So, perhaps our thinking of how to get from here to there in space is more along the lines of catapulting our bodies through distance using fossil fuels, but that doesn't mean there aren't a thousand other ways. That being said, my encounters were not only extremely lucid, but I gained a great insight from them. (If you are interested, I offer this book - My Alien Encounters - for 99 cents on Kindle that details it). 

Contactees often report that they were not abducted or examined, but were either offered, through a passing of knowledge automatically to their minds or visions of the insights the aliens wished to give them, so they could see a future that might be or things that are unfolding in our world. Sometimes, it is for warning, other times it is to reassure of the future for those who are on the right path. This has overtones of spirituality and religious dogma, but there is something to be said about any unusual experience that allows you a new viewpoint of the world, it is both humbling and a catalyst for your own change. 

There two camps in the contactee arena; one is that the contacts are good and that the aliens mean well, perhaps have manipulated our world, parented it, or created us, and the other camp believes that we are being fed things to distract us or lead us the wrong way by beings that have bad intentions. It would seem to me that guiding regular citizens the wrong way isn't going to get a dark agenda moving, better to do that with leaders. 

So, why would an alien come here and seek out regular folks and impart messages to them? Have they guided and nudged us throughout history? Was Tesla visited by them? Perhaps Abraham Lincoln? Might they have affected history, invention, science, philosophy? Or was it a more grassroots movement of change, by keeping some citizens open-minded with a new perspective of the universe.

Well, if you were a parent to a race of people, wouldn't you want to check on your young ones? If you had, say a few billion young ones, wouldn't you get a sampling of what's going on in their minds? Perhaps help make change in a few of them to take hold and create a new direction? That's a possibility.

Crop Circles

It would appear that putting the blame on a couple of old guys for hoaxing all the crop circles was a hard one to buy, especially when crop circles popped up in counties they laid no claim to doing them in. There is a lot of misinformation fed which is why often times people seeking answers seem like conspiracy buffs. I honestly have seen enough in the field of Sasquatch research and ancient giants to know that, YES, there is a lot of misguidance orchestrated by authorities.

What are considered genuine crop circles? The stalks are bent, but not broken, still intact. The plants appear to have been subjected to a short, intense burst of heat. They are also said to possess ultrasound, or sounds above our frequency of hearing, sounds often found at sacred ancient sites. 

In 2002, in Hampshire, UK, this amazing crop circle appeared. There is skepticism about the stylish look of the alien, but the work is amazing to do a three-dimensional look from above. The disk on it has been questioned as possibly containing information encoded somehow, perhaps in three-dimensional form since the image was made three-dimensional.

In 2001, two crop circles showed up in the field near a radio telescope in Hampshire, UK.  One (in the distance) was a human face and the other looked like a transmission sent by Aricebo in 1974. 

One writer and researcher, Wayne Herschel, compared it to the Sphinx and other familiar faces portrayed through time and distance. 

The message that had been transmitted by Aricebo contained 1679 digits; the product of two prime numbers; 23 and 73. This could be converted into a rectangle with 23 squares by 73 squares

Using binary code would be an efficient way to get a message to us. In fact, if one were to put a white square for every 0 and a black square for every 1, there would be a new image emerging. 


It would appear that there are three events going on that people are interpreting as communications with aliens; contactees, crop circles, and binary codes. If these aliens are doing so, they are being exceedingly cryptic; giving messages to regular citizens with no recourse for their knowledge and codes and symbols that must be interpreted. Is it a test to see how determined or intelligent we are? Is it to develop a trust? 

If we take this as a true and honest interaction, the obvious conclusion is that the aliens do not want wish to contact the entire Earth and all its people and be forced to have some kind of political interaction, but they do wish to remind us that we are not alone, that we must value what we have here in this paradise, and that we are not yet ready for that all-over interaction, but they are willing to test our tolerance upon occasion and our IQ levels. 

The Aricebo message