Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project To Prove Afterlife

THE AFTERLIFE FILES is a TV docu-series that will feature a cast of opposites -- dogged paranormal investigators, mainstream scientists, families mourning lost loved ones and others -- collaborating on the greatest feat of scientific detective work ever undertaken. Picking up on leads generated by recent cutting-edge research, they will seek nothing less than an answer to the most fundamental question of the human condition:

Do we survive death with our personalities intact, and if so, can hard science prove it?

And, depending on how the pilot and twelve half-hour episodes of this series unfold, the world could be transformed.

Have we got your attention?

“World Death Rate Holding Steady at 100 Percent.”

When the satirical newspaper The Onion ran this headline, it captured two universal qualities of the human condition:

All of us, and every person we know and love, are going to die.

Being human, we each have our own way of dealing with the grim reality that our lives will end.

Some of us, like the editors at The Onion or Woody Allen (in his early, funny movies) use humor to deal with death. Others take comfort in religious belief, or simply push the thought of death aside for another day.

But whether you approach it with humor, faith or forgetfulness, one fact remains: Death is the one unchangeable reality that every one of us has in common. It binds us together. And all of us – even the faithful and true disbelievers – wonder what’s really going to happen to us when we die.


There’s an alleged “paranormal” phenomenon that people have been talking about for years – and chances are you’ve seen it depicted on the news, in movies or on TV shows about ghost-hunters. It’s called the Electronic Voice Phenomena, or “EVP.” It refers to recordings that people have captured that many believe contain the voices or images of people that have died -- in other words, electronic evidence of an afterlife.

Proponents of EVP claim they get these paranormal recordings by following a straightforward procedure. The simplest method involves running a voice recorder in quiet surroundings for two to three minutes. Then, they'll play back the recordings through a computer to see if they've received sounds that weren't heard when the equipment was being run.

Sometimes, these EVP investigators say, their recordings contain the voices of deceased loved ones that call out to them by name and refer to recent events. Researchers working in so-called haunted locations have reported EVPs that make statements or respond to specific questions.


People involved in EVP research stand apart from those of us who may be casually interested in “psychic phenomena.” Most started out as complete skeptics. So they're not willing to just take the word of mediums who claim they can talk with the dead, or even the Bible or religious teachings.

Yet, some of these investigators have come to believe that EVP is objective evidence that our personalities live on in another dimension after physical death.

In fact, some have claimed we’re on the verge of establishing a regular communication channel between dimensions – even though, as in the early days of radio, the technology we're using is at a primitive stage of development.


The science. The science. The science. And the people.

The beauty of EVP, if there's anything to it, is that it could be concrete evidence of life after death. You don't have to take the word of a medium who's telling you what he or she is hearing from the "Other Side" at a séance.

It’s a direct observation -- as straightforward as measuring an electric charge, or observing a blood cell through a microscope.

Now, if you had direct evidence that we somehow survive physical death with our personalities intact, you’d think that would be pretty big news, right? After all, it would mean that the biggest mystery of the human condition would be solved.

So why haven’t we seen weeks of breathless, back-to-back coverage of this story on CNN, Fox and the web?

Up to this point, EVP has been the province of well-meaning amateurs, those fun ghost hunting shows on cable TV, or the occasional scientific professional who doesn't have the funding to mount a truly convincing study. No one has yet tested the claims of EVP proponents underabsolutely impregnable, controlled conditions that would convince even the most die-hard skeptic or cynic.

Until now.


Well, if you insist. We’re seeking Kickstarter backing to conduct the most rigorous, far-reaching investigation of EVP ever attempted – and to film every step along the way. The support we get from our backers will be used to fund two components: The Investigation and the Show.

The Afterlife Files is running a Kickstarter - let's make this show happen!

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