Josh Gates on Expedition Unknown on Travel Channel

Tonight, Travel Channel is going to make a LOT of people very happy by bringing us back Josh Gates doing what he does best, traveling the world with his humor, energy, enthusiasm and intelligence, looking for great discoveries of infamous things.

In this first episode, Josh will go searching for evidence of Amelia Earhart, the famous aviatrix who went missing in the 1930s.

I am very excited about this series and all I can say is - more episodes please!!


  1. Oh, I really like to travel. One of the best trips was to Antarctica. I was on a cruise ship of this company

  2. Trying to find out the theme song on expedition unknown..please?

    1. You might try the production company -

  3. all i saw there at pong productions, is list of shows they produce. i have found out that the name of the band may be "Have Gun, Will Travel"...but they have several albums..

  4. Try their albums on YoUTube

  5. ty..i have been trying that already..they have tons of hoping to narrow it down ;)

  6. In the episode where Josh is caveing in the Phillipines looking for stolen gold what kind of flash light did he have?

    Lonnie Wright


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