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Cannibal Caves: Giants Feeding Grounds?

Cannibalized bones in Anasazi Site, US Southwest

Remains of cannibalism have been found in caves around the world. The first obvious conclusion would be that man had hard times and ate their own or man performed spiritual sacrifices. Perhaps, however, it was a matter of appeasement to cannibalistic "gods" (giants) in a gesture to keep them from attacking a village or the victims of a cannibalistic attack by the giants. It is interesting to note that caves appear to the lair of giants and of bones that were cannibalized.

SOURCE:  The pueblo culture of Anasazi in the US Southwest shows signs of burned bones, cuts, breaks, twisted, snapping, and human feces found at the sites showed the ingestion of hemoglobin from humans. 

Anasazi is interpreted as "Ancient Ones" or "Ancient Enemies." Their Pueblos on the hillside left a mystery as to how they climbed up, by rope? They had advanced technology of canals and roadways. Theories abound as to what happened to the tribe that just simply vanished. 

Did the Anasazi move to the hillside to hide from another culture that was aggressive? They abandoned the site nearly 50 years after building the pueblo. The Sinagua of Northern Arizona also had ruins knows as Montezuma's Castle that were abandoned by that tribe that also went missing. Were the Anasazi cannibalized in their own pueblo and brought to extinction with perhaps some survivors rushing off and joining and being assimilated by other tribes?

There were watch towers up on a cliff and then on the face of a cliff, they built pueblos. They are impossible to get to without rope. In the 13th century, there was no evidence of other tribes in that area, so who was their enemy? This is an obviously defensive maneuver. Why would they build in such a place just before their extinction and why have guard towers? They were running, but from what?

Fiji:  Fiji has the "cannibal caves" and a culture learned through time of eating enemies. Where did this culture of cannibalism come from?

Easter Island:  Caves on the isolated island of Easter Island in the Pacific have led researches to assume that, after depleting natural resources, man ate his brother. The Rapa Nui had their own stories of the long-earred ones they shared the island with - a powerful race that it took much outsmarting to kill off. Who was eating whom?

Illinois:  From the very illuminating book Records of Ancient Races in the Mississippi Valleyby William McAdams, Richard Ellsworth Call, 1887:

The Piasa Bird was created by the mysterious race of people known as the Moundbuilders of unknown American Aboriginal origins. The Piasa pictograph was on a high bluff above the City of Alton, on the Mississippi River.

John Russell, a professor at the local college, had gotten a story from the local Native Americans about the giant pictograph. Supposedly, high on the bluff where no human could reach, this giant pictogram was placed.

It was said by the local tribes that many thousands of moons ago, when the giant mastodons were still stomping around the lush green earth there, there existed a bird of such extreme dimensions that it could carry off a full-grown deer with his talons. It 

lived inside a cave.

After having a taste of human flesh, it continued to carry off the people and eat them. In desperation, the leader went away and fasted and thought for a time and came back with a solution. They were to put one of the own out there in the prairie in full view for the Piasa to come in and then they would shoot it down.

In memory of this event, the tribe cut the bird into the stone to never forget their losses and their victory.

Russell tells that in 1836, he climbed the bluffs to a cave. It was extremely hard to reach, but when he went inside, he found thousands and thousands of bones. The cave was 20-30 feet long and they dug 3-4 feet deep and still only found bones.

The question is, was this a legend about the giants dealing with a giant bird from the era of megafauna, Mastodons and large sloths, or a tale about the giants versus the Native People who arrived later?

England:  Carbon dating of Gough's Cave in England dates it to 14,700 years ago show the first people to colonize Britain after the Ice Age, were cannibalizing in caves. It showed signs of sophisticated and systematic butchering like an assembly line - men, women, children. But, was this done by the people hiding in the cave or by the "originators" who were already in the UK and established with a taste for human flesh? 

Lapland:  Inari Lake in Finland's Lapland has a strange high island with a sacrificial cave inside.

Germany:  A village in Southern Germany showed signs that for a period of perhaps a few decades, hundreds of humans were eaten 7000 years ago. Herxheim is considered a rare evidence of cannabilism in Europe during the Neolithic Period, but that does not mean it wasn't rampant, just that it has yet to be found. 


Why were things like pyramids, spiral symbols, astronomy, canal systems, mining, tales of giants, megalithic structures, head binding, and cannibalism/sacrifice happening around the world simultaneously? This does not mean so much that man was circumnavigating the globe in as far back as 7000 BC, but that there was a race already established on the earth that we Homo sapiens learned these universal symbols, technologies and more from.

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