California Holds Secrets Of Ancient Giants!

California is land of the weird. No, not celebs and hippie culture, but unexplained wonders. It pretty much goes without saying that wherever we enjoy living in America (resources, climate, water, growing seasons, ocean), the ancients did too.

The mysteries of this state tend to point toward one common predecessor - giants!

Blythe Giant - 
ancient intaglio 
Blythe, California

Intaglios:  These amazing intaglios on the desert floor in Blythe, California on the border with Arizona were only found in the early 1930s by someone flying overhead. They have been dated by various people but given nearby rock art, it is supposed around 2000 years old. Interestingly, one portrays a horse. Horses have been believed to be reintroduced to the Americas by the Spanish, but even glyphs in Arizona at Painted Rock portray horseback riding and date around 1000 AD. 

Mystery Stone Walls
Up in the Berkeley area there are amazingly strewn out across the countryside for a long distance and completely unexplained and ancient. The local indians were hunter-gatherers and not stone workers. (The upcoming post in two days about Petra asks the question how supposed nomads knew how to do intricate stone work and clay pipes and water cisterns in the 6th Century BC - researchers really have trouble sewing up our history to make sense!)

Mt. Shasta Legends 
There is so much lore relating to Mt. Shasta, it's hard to sort through it including a legend of some inner world within with little people and ancient giants, as well as an opening to Hollow Earth and other dimensions. The interesting thing is that Mt. Shasta has been part of many eruptions through time and many tribes reported displacement in the past by the eruptions. In fact, the Paiutes in Nevada said the red-haired giants that plagued them seemed to come from that region, perhaps escaping calamity. Today, Bigfoot is seen greatly in the area.

Interestingly, these petroglyphs above were on a point on Mt. Shasta that used to be an island. This is common from the ancient giants, such as in Lake Lahontan area in Nevada where Lovelock Cave was once an island above the water. The entire Death Valley area was filled with water and made it also a hospitable area for those water-loving giants.

Death Valley Giants
There is a legend told by some men who went into Death Valley in the early 1900s and say they found an ancient mine shaft that led them into a room of ancient mummies who were giant sized with lots of gold and jewels. The description was exceptionally detailed including a gas system inside that allowed for lighting. There were many treks back to find it and a botched attempt supposedly to make a deal with the Smithsonian and since that time, many have wondered just what these men found and if it was real. Given that it was in the heart of giant territory and in ancient times had lots of water, this is a very likely scenario since giants were reported to enter caves on islands above the water, like natural docks and the cave them men described was up about 5000 feet. It was reported that the tunnel came out at Furnace Creek Ranch up high in an area that was once an ancient dock when the area was underwater. One legend calls the giants of Death Valley the Hav-Musuvs. 

"’When the world was young, and this valley which is now dry, parched desert, was a lush, hidden harbor of a blue water- sea which stretched from half way up those mountains to the Gulf of California, it is said that the Hav-musuvs came here in huge rowing-ships. They found great caverns in the Panamints, and in them they built one of their cities. At that time California was the island which the Indians of that state told the Spanish it was, and which they marked so on their maps. 

"’Living in their hidden city, the Hav-musuvs ruled the sea with their fast rowing-ships, trading with far-away peoples and bringing strange goods to the great quays said still to exist in the caverns.

Channel Island Giants
There is doubt that Ralph Glidden even graduated high school, though he called himself a doctor and an archaeologist. He dug up the channel islands in the 1920s when William Wrigley, Jr. was concerned that the island's native caches were being pilfered by treasure seekers. Glidden opened up hundreds of gravesites and hooked up with a promoter to sell and show the finds like some kind of sick Ripley's sideshow. Sadly, the finds were reported of extraordinary size and Glidden began to tout them as an ancient white giant race. Glidden's greed and poor handling of these artifacts left many of them loss to backdoor sales and pilfering. We will never really know what he found there other than his journals which tout very large finds. 

Ancient Seafaring Natives
On Santa Rosa, the oldest civilization of the West Coast was found, dating back 11,000 to 12,000 years ago. 

Source:  Nearly 20 sites have been found that reveal signs of prehistoric human activity, from massive middens of abalone shells to distinctive stone points and tool-making debris.

At least nine of the sites have what archaeologists say is “definitive evidence” of ancient Paleoindian occupation, about half of them having been dated to 11,000 to 12,000 years ago — making their inhabitants some of the earliest known settlers of North America’s West Coast.

It was while studying some of these sites on San Miguel Island — another of the Channel Islands — that Rick and his colleagues made a key observation: They noted that Paleocoastal settlements tended to have certain traits in common that made them more suitable than sites right on the water.

The earliest sites tended to be 1 to 7 kilometers from where the shoreline used to be, for example, in elevated areas that offered commanding views of the coast and often the island’s interior. Optimal locations were also near sources of useful raw materials, like chert for making tools, as well as fresh water and rockshelters or caves for refuge. (Just like Lovelock Cave and Death Valley sites)

Some giants reports in California are vague - 

In Rancho Lompoc, California in 1833; a twelve foot tall skeleton was discovered by soldiers digging a pit. The skull had double rowed teeth. Around him were found stone tools and shells. 

A man who frequently visited California’s Santa Rosa Island around 1860 was said to have discovered numerous skeletons in caves, many of them possessed double rowed teeth.

A giant found off the California Coast on Santa Rosa Island in the 1800s was distinguished by its double rows of teeth.

Dwarf mammoth bones were found on Catalina island, along with giants with double rows of teeth who apparently roasted and ate them.


It has been so an interesting trek to uncover just some of the many oddities in California. In fact, there are many more clues found in Native Tribes' legends including tall men, tall hairy men, and previous occupants (there before the tribes) who had ships and lots of technology, preferring caves above the water.



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