The History Channel: Best Channel For Paranormal Geeks!

Para Geeks are romantics, whether it's history or urban legends, science or exploration, unexplained or nature. It's why Julie Ferguson and I wrote the book, "Paranormal Geeks" for the people we totally understand and the variety of geeks we are.

"Paranormal Geeks" book involved a few dozen para geeks interviewed about how they got to be how they are, how they express it, what excites them, and a quiz and certificate, as well as tons of insight into the types of Para Geeks. Julie and I were able to identify several kinds. In most cases, one category fits primarily and then there are parts of other categories that fit the para geek, as well. For instance, Julie had history as her primary geekiness and I have science as my primary, but also consider myself skeptic. Here's categories we identified - 

History buffs
Horror lovers
Adrenalin focused
Science fans
Spiritual seekers

It is, admittedly, hard to impress me, but once you have my attention, I can be a most devoted follower. The History Channel has always been a great channel, but it seems like the last few years, the programming has taken a turn towards "totally awesome" from "good."

Monsterquest (greatly missed)
UFO Hunters (greatly missed)
American Pickers
Curse of Oak Island
How the Earth Was Made
Life After People
America's Book of Secrets
Modern Marvels

I might be speaking for Para Geeks, but I also speak for nerds, geeks, intellects, romantics, children, the elderly, you name it! We all want programming that can seriously pull us in and keep us seated and eyes forward not darting from computer screen or phone to TV. This is a channel that we all know we will have trouble being distracted because they just threw some new info at us that astonished, amazed and made us want more!

I will admit, many years ago, I looked to The Learning Channel for information. You don't recall that channel? Oh, you might know it today as "TLC." Yes, like Kentucky Fried Chicken going to "KFC" (to make people forget the nasty fried things), TLC wants us to forget they were once about learning. I tried Syfy like most geeks, thinking, "they gotta understand me!" Other than "Destination Truth," they disappoint intelligent people profusely and their budget and lack of originality shows!

This season of "Curse of Oak Island" and the new show "Search for the Lost Giants" has confirmed for me that The History Channel is truly fearless in their search for knowledge to share, opening our minds with wonder, making us ask questions, and getting us excited as hell wondering; "will they find treasure?" or "will they find giants?" 

I look forward to another season of "Search for the Lost Giants." If one isn't on the docket, I will be so heartbroken, I may have a hard time going back because I'll have a bad case of phantom limb syndrome, expecting to see a brave, smart, and beautifully executed show, and finding a big hole in my Tuesday nights. I'd like to see them hold one of these shows long enough enough to burn us out. I was definitely not ready to lose Monserquest and UFO Hunters so soon. There was still much story to be told.

Thanks The History Channel! Keep your programming director, it seems to be utter magic!

It's fantastic to have a channel that my only complaint is that there aren't enough seasons of the shows! 

My only other gripe is that I am not fond of H2 Channel because not all cable packages include it and all the really cool para-stuff seems to be on that channel mostly.

All I ask is that they continue with perhaps the hottest subject in the para-realm and one that is looooong overdue to be expored - Ancient Giants. Forget ancient aliens - we have ancient terrestrials to attribute early technology to.  Search for the Lost Giants is clearly my favorite show they have done thus far and I really adore Curse of Oak Island too! This is obviously a channel that hires geeks! Bless their hearts!

If you are a para geek, be sure and listen to Jim Heater's radio show Tuesday nights at 9 pm EST, "Paranormal Geeks Radio" with a wide array of guests who are all self-professed para geeks in subjects that follow a wide range of interests in the unexplained.

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