QUIZ: What Kind Of Magical Being Are You?

It's time for one of my quizzes, it's been a while!

Today, let's do a quiz to find out what kind of magical being you might be. Count your a's, b's, c's and d's and see which one you have the most of, scroll down and find out your being. If you get a tie, say 2 a's, 2 b's and a c, look at the c and see what your second choice would be (a or b). 

1.  When I pick a love interest, I am most enchanted by....
a.  Sexual chemistry.
b.  Playfulness, spontaneity.
c.  Power and confidence.
d.  Sense of humor.

2.  My fantasies often revolve around....
a.  Sex and romance.
b.  Nature and science. 
c.  Winning and getting recognition.
d.  Having fun and playing.

3.  I would rather vacation in....
a.  A forest cabin.
b.  A houseboat.
c.  A snowy mountain ski lodge.
d.  Countryside inn. 

4.  If I had to have a magical name, I'd pick....
a.  Eldon.
b.  Jinn.
c.  Olaf. 
d.  Fergus.

5.  If I had a super power, I'd probably pick....
a.  Power of suggestion and seduction.
b.  Power of endless energy and industry.
c.  Power of strength and size.
d.  Power of mischief and mayhem. 

Now count your a's, b's, c's and d's and see what you have the most of and scroll down to see what magical creature you might be....

a.  Elf
b.  Sprite
c.  Troll
d.  Leprechaun