Earth Oddities, Hollow Earth and Burrowing Giants!

The Hassdalen lights in Norway are a phenomena in which a ball of light is seen over a valley. The ball of light can be as big as a car. This has been reported since the 1940s. It reached a peak in the 1980s and has since trailed off to being sighted perhaps 10-20 times a year rather than that many times a week. The valley is rich in zinc and other minerals and it is believed to be an earth-produced light. 

Alaska has an "Alaskan Bermuda Triangle." This is an area in Alaska where apparently tons of planes, hikers, residents and tourists go missing. It has been so prevalent over the ages that the local Natives even have a legend about a man/otter who takes people who are lost. How alarming is this missing issue? Well, they go missing at twice the US average, this is in the thousands. Of course, these people aren't going missing on Madison Avenue, they are going missing in some of the most brutal tundra on earth with weather conditions that can be extremely nasty. 

Is there a pyramid in Alaska?

Linda Moulton Howe, researcher and author, believes there might be a pyramid in Alaska and perhaps it is the seat of all the weirdness. In 1992, it was reported upon finding and also reported that it was many times to the size of the Pyramid of Keops. The pyramid is apparently underground. Location: 63°17’51.40″N 152°31’24.49″W About 50 miles southwest of Mt. McKinley.

Hollow Earth is a favorite concept of mine. I find it intriguing, but then I think we have many worlds within our world that we don't realize, such as life at volcanic vents in the ocean and in the lake beneath Antarctica, not to mention the deep sea floors we have barely begun to uncover.

Olaf Jansen was a Norwegian who gave an account of his voyage to this Hollow Earth. This hearty Norwegian in the 1800s had a father and uncle who encouraged him into ship owning and eventually he was able to sell the business, move to the Midwest of American in 1901, he moved on to Los Angeles. He spent the rest of his life drawing maps of new lands they found. 

He recounted (here)  that in 1829, he and family members headed to Lofoden Islands in upper Norway in the Norwegian Sea.  

They moved on to Hammerfast and heading to Spitzbergen.

The sea became icy and they had to dodge icebergs. They then proceeded to lift anchor and head through Hinlopen Straits.  

His father wanted to continue on to Franz Josef Land where he had found tusks that brought him good money in Stockholm.

Winds being favorable, they finally landed on the west coast of Franz Josef Land. "One could hardly believe it was the Northland. The place was green with growing vegetation, and while the area did not comprise more than one or two acres, yet the air was warm and tranquil. It seemed to be at that point where the Gulf Stream's influence is most keenly felt."

Olaf wrote in his journal; "My father was an ardent believer in Odin and Thor, and had frequently told me they were gods who came from far beyond the `North Wind.' There was a tradition, my father explained, that still farther northward was a land more beautiful than any that mortal man had ever known, and that it was inhabited by the `Chosen.'"

Olaf preceded to tell a very extremely detailed account of the most unusual world they had entered. 

There was not a single man aboard who would not have measured fully twelve feet in height. They all wore full beards, not particularly long, but seemingly short-cropped. They had mild and beautiful faces, exceedingly fair, with ruddy complexions. The hair and beard of some were black, others sandy, and still others yellow. The captain, as we designated the dignitary in command of the great vessel, was fully a head taller than any of his companions. The women averaged from ten to eleven feet in height. Their features were especially regular and refined, while their complexion was of a most delicate tint heightened by a healthful glow.

I never saw such a display of gold. It was everywhere. The door-casings were inlaid and the tables were veneered with sheetings of gold. Domes of the public buildings were of gold. It was used most generously in the finishings of the great temples of music.

Vegetation grew in lavish exuberance, and fruit of all kinds possessed the most delicate flavor. Clusters of grapes four and five feet in length, each grape as large as an orange, and apples larger than a man's head typified the wonderful growth of all things on the "inside" of the earth.

The great redwood trees of California would be considered mere underbrush compared with the giant forest trees extending for miles and miles in all directions. In many directions along the foothills of the mountains vast herds of cattle were seen during the last day of our travel on the river.

Many have claimed to have happened upon this nirvana-like land in Hollow Earth where the climate is beautiful, the lands are rich, the people are tall, long-lived and happy. In fact, even in recent years a voyager got together a team and funds to make the trek to the Northern Seas, though he passed away before it happened. 

Come on, Josh Gates, here's your chance! 

Although it sounds extraordinary, so did the concepts of life in boiling waters and in an icy subglacial lake or very deep in the pressurized bottom of the ocean. Our concepts of life on our earth needs some tweaking. After all, it was only in recent years we found jets and sprites in our upper atmosphere. 


Interestingly, the Hopi Indians have legends near the Grand Canyon of the ant people emerging from the ground, the Natives in the area of the Alaskan pyramid have legends of an otter/man emerging and stealing people.  Repeatedly, we get legends of giant mummies in caves; the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Lovelock Cave, mining in Wales and the Upper Midwest, building pyramids and burial mounds into the ground, hidden vaults under the Sphinx, moon-eyed people in North Carolina who only came out at night and hid underground from the light, a giant being trapped in a cave in Australia long ago by the aborigines. These sorts of repeated tales are themes that legends and religions are repeatedly trying to record of real people and real events and these people sought the underground. 

It would benefit us to begin to look at the ground beneath mounds and any tunnels from mound to mound, cave systems near waterways and more. I don't know how many times we need to hear these legends before we begin to heed the fact that that an advanced branch of man, before our times, was already establishing an empire around the world. 

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  1. Got any info on the Nazi search for the hollow earth?

  2. I did a post touching on their interest in Antarctica. I sincerely hope, if any of them managed to find Hollow Earth, the people there destroyed them. :-) I don't doubt that Hitler used everyone at his disposal to find ways to expand his power and reach, to align with all kinds of powers, magical and earthly.

  3. Sharon, thanks so much for publishing this blogticle on Earth mysteries, the Hollow Earth, et cetera, as you well gno that they're subjects near & dear to me. It's always good to see new spin concerning these mysteries. And Gatekeeper, for more clarification on the Third Reich's interest in the Hollow Earth, visit this web page. Of course, we'll all have to await with bated breath for another two years before this sci-fi/comedy-horror/dark fantasy is released, the sequel to its predecessor of five years ago. Oh, it's name? Why, Iron Sky: The Coming Race of course! Safe journeys, all choosing to venture in! Ciao!


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