Abandoned Islands

Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island, Japan
From 1887 until 1974, the island of Hashima (Battleship) Island in Japan was used for mining coal. Eventually in the 1970s, the island emptied out and remained that way until recently when they began some limited tours of the site. 

Hirta St. Kilda, Scotland

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Hirta, St. Kilda, Scotland
This isolated island was always inhabited, by no more than 180 people usually, and in 1930, it was emptied out. Today, the only people to go there are researchers and scientists. 

Spinalonga, Crete, Greece

Spinalonga, Crete, Greece
This island once harvested salt and then was a leper colony. 

Inishmurray, County Sligo, Ireland

Inishmurray, County Sligo, Ireland:
The remains of an Irish monastery remain on this 228 acre island.  Vikings in the ninth century drove the monks to the mainland for safety.  There were 46 people living there but they moved off the island for the coastline in 1948.

Ross Island, Andaman Islands, India

Ross Island, Andaman Islands, India:
It was once headquarters for the series of islands, but after an earthquake in the early 1940s, the seat was moved to another island. It contains many buildings including the old commissioner's home, and tourists enjoy going there, with permission, to view the sights.

Pollepel Island, New York

This island in the Hudson was once considered haunted by the Native People. It was used in defense during the Revolutionary War. A Scottish businessman, David Bannerman, purchased it and began to build a Scottish castle on the island in 1901. While it was still under construction in 1918, Bannerman passed away. The island is now in a trust and under care by the parks service. It had undergone a fire in the 1960s that damaged the castle. It is now considered off-limits.