Where Did This Relic Come From?

This interesting item was brought to my attention from someone who was given it by a person in the Midwest, but its origins were believed to be the Pacific Northwest.

I find some of characteristics quite unusual, like the hair carved into the sides of the head, coming onto the face (a giant characteristic according to Paiutes who said the red-haired giants were hair covered people), and the view from above showing the conical head shape (os inca bone? - a giant characteristic) and the nose's attachment to the brow ridge instead of between the eyes (giant characteristic). Also, note the spiral-shaped ear (makes me wonder about that infamous spiral shape, I've thought it had to do with sound).

Here is prehistoric Pacific Northwest images.

Moai statue from Easter Island - incidentally where their legends tell of the long-earreds whom they fought with and trapped and burned alive (that same legend from Australia and Paiutes in Nevada) and a place where caves were found of cannibalized humans. 

This one above is described here - 

I will continue to research this and if you think you can shed light, please do!


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