Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Search For the Lost Giants" Tonight on The History Channel

Tonight's Episode: "A Photo, a Tooth, the Truth" 

I anxiously await tonight's second episode of the new series, "Search For the Lost Giants" with Jim and Bill Vieira.  

The first episode last week was the single most enthralling show I've seen in years! I give The History Channel credit for always doing good quality shows that are intelligent and not about personalities, but about truths! That they were willing to take someone like Jim (who has become a bit of a cult hero in the field of giant researchers) says a great deal about them wanting both quality programming and a true desire to perhaps uncover something! Jim really gave a voice to the cover-up and the existence of another race in the human family. 

I am going to be singularly focused on this series as searching for giants and explaining their part in the history of the world is one of my single most consuming goals.

I encourage y'all to read the posts listed on the right hand side here -- 
I have written exhaustively about the subject and have my own theories about these "originators" as I like to refer to them. Be sure and watch the show on Tuesdays on The History Channel. It is truly riveting.

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