Sasquatch Ingenuity: Using Trash To Bait and Lure

The ongoing "Urban Sasquatch Journal" on my blog has revealed a great finding by the researcher - signs that there is rooting by wild boars done around pockets of trash deposited in the woods. 

It is apparent that the trash cans within the enormous park are being emptied deeper into the woods where they can attract rooting animals for easy slaughter.

It's been reported at rest stops along highways in wilderness areas that if one goes into the woods from the rest stop, you can often find pockets of trash deposited to attract small animals and the bones of those animals are found. 

We know that if you put a Homo sapien in the woods, he can chase after animals to try and get calories, but it's much more expedient to set a trap and lure them to you. There is no reason to think the Tall Ones aren't utilizing similar attempts as they watch these animals rooting around dumpsters, trash cans in parks, rest stops and camp grounds. Of course the last place they want to stalk animals is at a campsite, so they take the trash at night deep into the woods. 

For those hoping to find signs of these talented people, they would only need to find woodlands near a campground, rest stop or state park that has trash cans, look for pockets of trash dumped in the woods and signs of rooting around, bones, and footprints. If the location were a newly used one, it might even be possible to make an attempt with a trail cam dangled overhead high up, aimed down at the pile to see what animals root around. It would also be possible to look for footprints leading from the trash into the woods. 

It's just another unusual and unique angle for learning more about the Tall Ones, and it definitely shows the depth of their intelligence.


  1. It only makes sense that an intelligent fossil hominid (if that's what they are) verified or unverified, would utilize obvious attractant materials for prey bait. If the little green heron (recall a video of one baiting fish... corn or similar bait) can implement the idea you would think the large hairs would likely implement it even widely. Appreciate the note.

  2. Hard to validate evidence such as this, because it's much more likely to be humans either baiting themselves or dumping their trash.

  3. Just gave me some great advise. Brilliant.

  4. Sasquatch = human = 100% achievable!!

    Thanks for thinking outside of the box Sharon!! Keep up the awesome work!!


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