Review: Search For the Lost Giants

Last night brought us another awesome quality episode of "Search For the Lost Giants" with the Vieira brothers, Jim and Bill - the searchers of the truth! Thank you, once again, The History Channel, for carrying this quality show.

I am getting to love Tuesday nights! 

Spoiler Caution: I will detail the entire show. (This shouldn't be a bummer because there is no way y'all won't go ahead and see the episode when replayed because there is nothing like sitting on the edge of your seat, avidly watching this search unfold!) 

Last night, The brothers got together with their group of researchers and shared out what they found in the Ozarks (last week's show) in which they found the newspaper photo of a man near the giant skeleton found in a cave, and a tooth of unusual size in the cave. They then discussed something they wanted to study in the Northeast.

Vermont had a report of giant skull that had double rows of teeth and the potential to find the skeleton. They also were planning to deal with an archaeologist to do a dig at the Goshen Tunnel (first episode) where a possible chamber might be. 

Eric Johnson, archaeologist at the University of Mass, was consulted about the project. The archaeologist didn't think what they had was definitive enough to justify a dig. If they were to come up with something tantalizing, then a dig would be in order.

So, the brothers went to the site to see what they could find that might support a possible dig. A man walking the line with a compass, had it shifting 10 degrees, 12 degrees, and then back on point again. "Very weird," he assured them. There was a 6-8 foot direction the compass was pulling and it was the area where they believe the chamber might be. So, they brought in a magnetometer to see what might be going on and it too had odd reactions. Magnetic anomalies seemed to have been places ancients liked to build things. They saw magnetic sites as sacred (or I tend to think a necessary alchemy for technology). 

They decided to sample the sand that came out of the core sample. They thought it might not be local sand. Dr. Michael Jercinovich gave the sand a look for Bill. 

Jim and Hugh Newman (team member, author/researcher) went to Vermont to a site. In 1849, they built the Cheshire railroad line they found something on the ledges of the hillside. They found a native burial ground, but one skeleton was giant and a massive jawbone and double rows of teeth. But, the whereabouts if it were not known today. On the other side of the river were petroglyphs that showed round faces with antler/antennae looking things. 

The men went to the local library to start sorting through for information on where the bones might have gone.

Meanwhile, Bill and Michael Jercinovich began to sample the sand under scanning electron microscope. Interestingly, sand made up of mostly quartz is beach sand. That would mean that it was brought there from the sea. The nearest beach was 100 miles away. It would appear the sand was buried 10 feet below clay for a special purpose. 

Hugh found the papers in the library. They found out that Dr. Robbins of Bellows Falls had procured them and his family held them in their possession. Jim searched the lineage of the family to see if they had photographs or even the bones. The last of the lineage had passed, but her former home might have a clue. Jim contacted the current owner of the home that was the woman's last known resident. The family in the home now didn't know much about other owners, but did have some old photos. The photos were the descendants of the doctor who had the bones. The family did mention a strange enclosed place in the basement they had wondered about that was 8 x 4 feet and bricked over. 

Jim got a guy with ground penetrating radar to help them out. They did find there was a void there. The owner said he would be willing to take a chisel to it. They started by widening a small hole at the top of the wall and were met with a lot of stone and blockage. Jim could see it went back several feet, but the void seemed to be empty. Jim could see the wall had been opened up and patched over at some time in the past. The question became - did someone take something out in the past? 

I'm very pleased with the respectful way Jim and Bill have handled the homeowners and preserving the wall in their basement, as well as wanting to call in an archaeologist for a dig and doing what needs to be done to justify a dig. They are playing by the rule book while working against all the motions set in place to keep mankind from this potentially earth-shattering information. 

They decided to meet the next day at the Goshen Tunnel to find some evidence that would justify an archaeological dig. They filled the tunnel with smoke and expected it to come up the geo probe hole if there was a tunnel to a chamber and that chamber was where they had placed the geo probe hole previously. Yet again, another great example of them thinking this through. 

With the machine at full bore, they were getting no smoke out of the hole. Then, when they are about to give up, smoke was coming out of the ground around tree roots and such and then they could smell the smoke coming up around the geo probe hole! 

The brothers went to Stephen Mrozowski from University of Mass comes to check it out.  He lowered himself into the tunnel to give it a check. Stephen saw no signs of Colonial style stone work and the sophistication were unusual for the area and the supposed era. He also thought there might be a side chamber. They then asked Stephen about excavating and he said, "limited excavation" would be feasible and he would go back to the university and present it. 

The brothers hinted at going west for next week's show!  The west had a HUGE giant population, so I'm thrilled see them explore here. In fact, I truly believed our dried up basins (like Humboldt Sink at ancient Lake Lohontan) in the desert Southwest have more giants to be found than have been found! (I'm keeping my eye on the Tucson Basin being dug up with what they say was a pre HoHoKam culture - but strangely we don't hear much about or even see the bones of the HoHoKam who utilized celestial tracking buildings and advanced canals).

**I will have a post about the giants on Friday - a vlog video by me followed by a post about how Native man lived with gods on earth** 


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