Review: Search For the Lost Giants on The History Channel

The first episode of "Search For the Lost Giants" had me on the edge of my seat, enthralled and proved once again that The History Channel knows how to make a show for intelligent human beings!

I was very thrilled for the next episode - the week went toooooo slowly! It takes a lot to make this geek excited, but the search for giants by some guys who are very well qualified and have just the right amount of skepticism, knowledge, and backbone, is really exciting. It's like Jonny Quest without Bandit!

Warning: Spoilers (not like it matters because you are going to want to see this for yourselves!)

In the Ozarks of Southern Missouri, the men start out in the "Land of Giants," on the road. They are spending two months on their question on their own dime.  That's passion and determination!

University of Massachusetts was informed of the last site they studied in the opening episode, the tunnel. 

Accounts of race of cannibalistic giants in an area of the Ozarks, were told by the Natives.  Bless these researchers' hearts for realizing that Native tales tell history, not fantasy. Examples of caves of cannibals were found around the world. In fact, a kid in the 1930s, Billy Harmon, found an 8-1/2 foot giant in a cave in the Ozarks where the men are headed.

James Clary, a local enthusiastic about giants, knows the Puckett's Cave where the boy found the giant. The men get together and climb the bluff.

They look inside the cave for signs of where the giant was dug up. Looking at newspaper clippings, they start trekking around inside for clues. They find a depression that might be the spot that was dug up.

Brad D'Houbler, a friend and geologist, brings some tools into the mix so they can check it out more closely. The men know that the Internet has lots of hoaxes and so they need to ask the locals about these people and verification that there truly was a find. 

The men (Jim and James) go looking in the town for someone related to the kid who found the skeleton. They found a live relative willing to talk to them at his farm, who verified that, yes, there was a find.

I cannot say enough how beautifully this show is filmed and edited. It is fast enough paced that you never have a lull, and the men separate into groups and you get to find out what each group is doing simultaneously which keeps the pace interesting. It is apparent the brothers are sincerely desirous of knowledge and discovery and not egos or posturing. They are humble enough to ask for help and experts and handle it quite professionally so that any find is legitimized. 

Meanwhile, the men in the cave (Bill and Brad), take a metal detector around to see what they might find.

Jim and James go through the library and microfilm from the year the skeleton was discovered. They found the front page June 15, 1933 - an ancient skeleton found! There is a photo of the skeleton. They show a 6-foot dude next to a big skeleton. A photo (as James points out) is a game changer in proving giant skeleton finds!

No surprise, the bones went to (drum roll) the Smithsonian. 

While in the cave, Bill is going over some leaves and finds a tooth. It's a huge tooth. They thought about what animals it could be. Looked human

They follow the rules and take the tooth to a coroner in case it might be human.  The coroner thought it looked human but was too big. He wasn't sure what it was from. They decide to send it to a professional lab.

Next, the brothers head out to Arkansas. They are going to investigate an even bigger giant reported to be found in a cave and written by Victor Schoffelmayer. A person interviewed described a 10-foot length skeleton and a few skulls in a cave. The only problem now is that Beaver Lake was formed by a dam and the cave is probably 30 feet under water. A cave diver, Mike Young, agrees to help them. 

Bill is a certified diver, so he was going to dive with Mike. Cave diving being a dangerous practice, it's rather nerve wracking watching and waiting to see what happens when they dive to find the cave. It's murky down there and then all of a sudden--a cave!

They find obvious stacked stones. Bill is a stonemason and he knows this was a wall of some kind. They equipped Mike with a high-resolution camera to film the cave and see if they can find clues they wouldn't see with the naked eye.  

The brothers review the footage, looking for pictographs, bones, or any evidence of giants. They think on the wall, they might see a face carved into the rock. 

They can't prove anything from Arkansas, but they have a photo of a potential giant skeleton from the newspaper and a tooth from Missouri. 

They bring the newspaper findings to an anthropology expert, Todd Disotell, who scoffs it away, saying if the Smithsonian had these things, they would have them on display and making money off of it. They then hand him the tooth. Todd says it doesn't seem human, but if it is, it's a huge human. The men decide to send it to a lab.

Yet again, another episode I could not stop watching!

Next week, they go back to the tunnel from the first episode and it looks very tense! I can hardly wait!

Okay, I admit it, the show curls this geek girl's toes. I suspect I'm not the only one hooked on their honest quest for proof!


  1. Sharon,
    Thanks so much for your nice review! I participated in a small way to the episode, but I appreciate the fact that you and many others realize we are not just crazed, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. The research I did that compelled Jim, Bill, and the network to come to the Ozarks was both very "real" and verifiable. I'm still searching for the truth in regards to the issue and am currently investigating several reports from my area. My ONLY desire is to gain knowledge and share with people who give a damn; like you!
    Again, thanks so much!
    James Clary

    1. James I would like to send you some pictures of recent places I have been that might be of interest to you. Please email me at

  2. i thought this was proven a hoax when they sent it to wash u. in st louis,the bones were cattle,and deer and the skull was obtained from a nearby graveyard. The Harmon boy and some boy name of Clay,set all this up.

  3. You "thought"? And what basis were your "thoughts" formed? If you can't site a source for this claim it is simply gobbledygook.I have personally examined the articles as well as a three page spread done by the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I have also searched extensively looking for verification of your claims; none found. Apparently it was just a "thought". Thoughts can dangerous when they have no firm hold in reality. I have spoken with Harmans relatives and several "old timers" in the town of Steeleville. None mentions (nor does the historical record) anything about a "hoax". The bones were NOT shipped to Wash U, they were shipped to the Smithsonian; at least according to the Post Dispatch who interviewed Dr. Parker. Rebuttal? Waiting.....

    1. Well said, Chefjames60! This is a great example of the wall set up by not-so-thorough archaeological/anthropological horse shit, like the classification and dismissal of the "otamid" skull shape as OOPART. The common citizen runs on belief. They accept a line of bullshit and then plug it without anything to back it. Those who remain open to the possibility that so many documented cases in the press around the world and witness reports might be onto something, are the ones who are not scared of knowledge. The problem with "belief" is that people twist evidence to support it. Hence, with the Smithsonian hoarding the proof and the government now "obligated" to hand remains to the Native People, conveniently close-minded people can continue to twist this to fit the belief they were fed without question - Homo sapiens were the only man upon the earth for tens of thousands of years.

  4. Did anyone ever think these giants bones could be the bones of a big foot wish they would take a skeleton and ditualy bring it back to life human or big foot giants just go extinct.

  5. I find it really interesting that incidents of double teeth still occur in the current world human population. It's rare - especially in adults - but it does happen. Wonder if it's a genetic trait that would lend credence to the reputed double rows of teeth in the giants.

    1. I did a post (right hand side of the blog) about the oddities of Canary Islands. The giants there were interbred with the Spanish. The Spanish on that island introduced the first case of documented hypertrichosis (wolf man disease). Julia Pastrano, a woman in Mexico with the disease, also had double rows of teeth. I think this is an offshoot of interbreeding and a genetic anomaly that will show up in the population from those times. There are also conditions like dental hypoplasia that can make a pseudo double row of teeth where teeth are so mixed up, they appear to be atop of each other.

  6. "There has been a major cover up by western archaeological institutions since the early 1900′s to make us believe that America was first colonized by Asian peoples migrating through the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago, when in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of burial mounds all over America which the Natives claim were there a long time before them, and that show traces of a highly developed civilization, complex use of metal alloys and where giant human skeleton remains are frequently found but still go unreported in the media and news outlets."

    Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s


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