Proof of Sixth Sense Right Before Our Eyes!

We don't speak of it often. It's like it's some secret knowledge no one wants to acknowledge- the sixth sense.

I grew up with abilities and had no idea that others weren't using these skills or that they were considered psychic. To me, a psychic was someone who told your future by reading your palm and spoke with a funny accent, was haggard and old, not someone who is using another sense to know more than the five senses allow us.

A friend reveals her issues in her marriage and her impending layoff at work and her best friend scoops her up in her arms and holds her while she cries.

We don't ever break this down, but if we did, we might realize the power of humans extends beyond the parameters of their 3-dimensional form.

Person #1: Has emotional distress, is putting out the emotion all around her in what some refer to as her aura.

Person #2:  Feels that hurt from her friend and makes physical contact, enveloping the friend in her own concerned and caring aura, penetrating through to change the outcome of person #1's emotional turmoil.

Soothing:  If we pet a cat, our blood pressure goes down. If we cuddle someone, our good hormones release.  If we are angry with someone, they step back, their arms cross, they turn away.  If we are anxious and wrung out, others are unsettled around us. We place our hand on a loved one's hand and they suddenly feel strong enough to handle the tasks ahead. 

Humans send.
Humans receive.
And perceived boundaries of the human form do not stop this.

It is not the gesture of someone putting their arms around us that comforts us, it is the transference of their very compassion into us that soothes. 

And what is that transmission process? Is it something akin to radio waves that we can't see but that carry information or is there some connecting "tissue" of the universe that runs through everyone and everything that can be accessed and manipulated?

Psychic testing - guess where the red dot will show in the huge rectangle - my guess was the tiny blue square. Odds 2431.4 to 1. 

Odds 655.9 to 1

How can we beat odds to know things we couldn't know unless we were tapping some unusual body of pre-knowledge/time shift/universal knowedge?

odds 1999.0 to 1

Great minds, like Dean Radin, and institutes like Boundary Institute, work hard to bring science to the understanding of psychic skills by looking at statistics to determine how statistically it's possible to show a skill at hand that is not the "norm." The concept of "entanglement" is helping to shed some light on the understanding of psychic skills. On an atomic level, things can carry the same information for even miles away from one to another. 

The fact is, every day, we utilize things outside of the designated 5 senses. We aren't sure how we process these extra bits of info and some call it intuitive, gut feelings, or even coincidences and deja vu, but until we talk more clearly with one another about our senses, we may not realize the extent to which we have "other" senses. 

People with synethesia, for example, may go their whole lifetimes and not realize that they see numbers as colors until someone asks them to imagine a number and automatically they see it in their mind in a specific color. If we don't discuss what is a variant, we don't even know we have it. Like my psychometry ability, I never realized I was gathering more information than others about the nature of an object.

It's necessary to start looking at odds and statistics and begin to open our minds to the fact that every day we touch someone, every day we don't like someone after shaking their hand, every time we are gripped with bad feelings and then get a call from a loved one in the hospital, we are utilizing the ability to gather information from "other." 

The "sixth sense" isn't a magical thing only a few have, we all have it. It is just a matter of science finally recognizing there is a sense that is not tied to just skin, eyes, ears, nose and mouth, but the seat of another location in the body able to process input and interpret. 

The day will come. We already know it exists. We just haven't shown the "seat" of it yet.