Monday, November 17, 2014

Photographing Winter Cemeteries

Wintertime cemetery photography - a great project some chilly quiet weekend. 

Changing the photos to black and white is a fantastic way to pick up the bloodless landscape and show the stark reality of bare trees, dead grass, withered flowers, fluffy untouched snow.

Some suggestions:  Consider standing up high if you can and taking a photo of one single set of tracks through the snow. 

Place dead flowers atop a grave and photograph, in Photoshop, lasso the flowers and black and white the rest of the picture so the dead flowers are the only color. 

Make a snow angel atop a row of headstones and shoot. 

Consider making a life-sized snow ghost beside or behind a headstone. 

Utilize any fallen dead limbs stacked up or laid artistically against a headstone. 

When you are done, as always, remove all your photographic elements so that the cemetery can be left in beautiful peace as it was when you arrived. I always bring a plastic garbage bag and clean up. It's a nice way to appreciate the memorial park that it is. 

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