MK Davis on Paranormal Geeks Radio Tonight!

Tonight's Paranormal Geeks Radio's guest is MK Davis! (YouTube Channel

MK Davis is an extraordinary researcher of a level you don't see much anymore. He is not only an expert with photos and video evidence and best known for being the first to handle and stabilize the actual Patterson-Gimlin film, but has also stabilized such infamous videos as that of the Kennedy assassination, revealing details that are astonishing. MK is also an astrophotographer, and quite impressively a field guy. He has spent enormous amounts of time traveling huge distances often to investigate sites known for Bigfoot, ancient giants, ancient civilizations, and Native American sites. He has studied extensively with research on many of these subjects and is a font of knowledge. He is one of those rare researchers who is both technical, theoretical and practical. 

This show is going to be a must-listen one! 

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