Haunted Hallways

Which hallway is more haunted?

Chi - a Chinese term used for "energy." There is good chi and bad chi according to the practice of Feng Shui. Yin energy is associated with spirits and negativity. If there is "yin" energy within a building, it will follow simple paths. This is why clearing out a haunted location and getting rid of clutter and darkness are critical to keeping yin energy moving out of the way and not being trapped.

Take hallways for example. If doorways open to each other, the energy can go from one room to the other creating a current of energy just in that spot, but if the doorways are staggered, energy can come from the room, hit the wall, bounce and ricochet, all the way down a corridor, mixing with the energies from all the other rooms coming out and hitting the wall and bouncing back and forth. You create a sort of energy current down the hallway. Consider it a spirit labyrinth, if you will. 

Interestingly, windchimes are supposed to attract spirits in the practice of Feng Shui, especially in the Southwest corner of the building.  I wear a windchime necklace to the site and I often hang it up, ensuring that the air is not turned on and windows are closed.  They are so delicate and light and being attractive to spirits (by feng shui rules), it should give me a tinkle. Upon occasion, it does. 

Mirrors create a bounce of energy too. In fact, rather than filming into a haunted stairwell, try putting a mirror at the bottom of the stairs and see if you capture more activity than usual. You might get something caught in a path of back and forth capture. 

Setting up a strobe light in a hallway with offset doors is yet another interesting way of studying potentially fast moving energy. If you study a moving ceiling fan with a strobe light, you can see that it visually slows things down enough to see what is too fast to discern with the naked eye. The blades are individual looking instead of a blur when a strobe light is on it. A warning, though, some people get migraines and even seizures with strobe lights, so work with one ahead of time to know if it makes you feel bad.

Those places in a home that seem to be very actively haunted are usually the cul-du-sac areas, dark areas, cluttered areas. These create that kind of trap for energy. The simple act of brightening and clearing out a home can make it freed up. 

This is an interesting technique that I have found to be extremely helpful in assisting people with issues in their homes. Whether there is something to Feng Shui or movement of energy or not, I give it some real praise when it comes to haunted locations. 

You can use the concepts to clear energy, but you can also use them to attract it - so start thinking in reverse if you want to capture something and prepare an environment that could amplify and hold energies. 

Learn more - Consider the book "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster" to help you learn more about Yin energy and the guidelines of this ancient study in relation to haunted effects.