Finding Bigfoot - New Season Tonight!

Well, it appears that "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet got another season. 

They begin with a 2-hour special on an expedition to Alaska. 

I know it's time for me to make new memes and join in the fun to see what the gang cooks up next.

The positive aspects of the show include the coverage of locations and potential for Sasquatch to exist there and especially town hall meetings. It's always a joy to be in the woods in the dark with the team. I think we have come to the conclusion that there is no true knowledge and content here that is significant and sometimes the techniques possess zero commonsense, but their earnest desire to witness a Sasquatch face to face is one most people share and for that, it is a fun journey into these four characters' mission.

Expect new memes. Y'all know I can't resist getting a chuckle here and there for the reality shows.