Custom Coffins

It may seem like a waste to spend a lot of money on a custom coffin to be buried in, but some folks want to go into eternity with a symbol. For some, it might be nerdy or even a hobby, perhaps an obsession. Let's have a look at how it all began. 

The ancient sarcophagus and death masks were perhaps the first "custom" caskets. 

In the Victorian Era, there was a fear of being buried alive and thus a bell was rigged to the interior of the coffin so the person could ring a bell above ground and perhaps a conscious gravedigger might hear it and help them out.

In that same era, postmortem photos were popular to capture a relative's face, perhaps for the first time in a photograph so that they could be remembered.

Jump to nowadays and the custom coffins get a bit more interesting - 

Then, there is this totally cool company called Custom Coffin Works - they sell coffin shaped items and rent them out for events too! 

I really really like this company! They do amazing work and what an inventive concept!

Rent a Dragula 

Whether you want to buy a coffin chair or want to rent a hearse or a coffin cooler, you're ready! I like this concept a lot and I do hope to get the cupboard up above. It's gorgeous and a great place to showcase my sideshow retired items and cryptid mementos!