Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bigfoot Lover's Christmas Gift: Milton Bradley's Bigfoot Board Game!

In 1977, Milton Bradley put out an obscure board game that today might be just the Xmas gift for an avid family member who recalls the 70s Bigfoot craze including the Steve Austin vs Bigfoot episodes on "Six Million Dollar Man," "The Legend of Boggy Creek," and "The Mysterious Monsters."

This one involves Bigfoot in Alaska and some miners who are out to strike it rich but have to deal with Bigfoot's shenanigans. The playing piece actually stamps out "footprints" from underneath - (white circles)

If you want to really please your Bigfoot lover, get one of those buckets that make popcorn in the microwave (on the popcorn aisle) and fill it with 1970s candies like bottle caps, mallo cups, spree, and pop rocks and a couple of vintage 1970s Bigfoot flicks - 
"The Legend of Boggy Creek"
"The Mysterious Monsters"
"Six Million Dollar Man (Season 3)" 
"Bigfoot and Wildboy" (VHS only) 
"The Legend of Bigfoot"
Sasquatch Horror Collection (with the 1970s Snowbeast movie)

Your Bigfoot lover is gonna put you on the list of obsessions!

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  1. You mean "Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot" didn't make the list? I'm shocked.