Best Movie Ghosts

"Thirteen Ghosts" 
The opening scene of the movie in the junkyard with the Juggernaut was truly chilling.

Sam Wheat
Not scary, but perhaps one of the most undying loves.

He was just plain old nasty and fun! 

"The Shining" 
Lloyd the Bartender
Dancing on the edge of reality.

"The Changeling" 
Most desperate child ghost

"The Fog" 
Vengeful Leper 
He had a score to settle with the town folks.

"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" 
Capt. Daniel Gregg
All time most romantic ghost ever!

"The Ring" 
Her freaky moves seriously unsettled.

"Nightmare On Elm Street" 
Freddy Krueger
It's hard enough to sleep and this killer wasn't letting death stop him from tormenting your dreams.

"The Entity" 
possessive ghost
Most creepy of all; abusive and possessive ghost.

"Dead Silence" 
Mary Shaw
She wanted to run her army of dolls against the living.

"Sleepy Hollow"
The Hessian
He was ruthless and he was vengeful.

"The Amityville Horror"
Pig Eyes 
We weren't sure what it was, but we freaking didn't want to see all of it!

The troublesome pesky ghost.


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