The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Showing My Intent

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NOTE: Green highlighter is done on the items that were moved between visits.

The primary research areas in the urban location are these, although the research intends to branch out to some other periphery locales over time.

Area #1= the ditch, grassy right-of-way with trail entry opening and the cedar tree break.
Area #2= pipeline right-of-way / P-ROW. Using the bike/hike trail is just the way to get to the P-ROW. This area includes the east side trail entry with large limbs signature stack and the nearby 3 tree breaks location.This is 2 miles east of area #1.

August 2, 2014

This visit was very interesting. I arrived at the parking area at approximately 6 p.m.  It takes about 20 minutes to hike to area #1.  

I needed to relieve myself, so I stopped by the old fire pit inside the east tree line.  This is just under halfway to the creek. When I was done, I moved on to the south by the east tree line. 

Then, it happened. 

I was growled at by someone or something inside the west tree line. It sent an instant shiver up my spine. It was like a wave of fear hit me. I stopped in my tracks. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, rather than turn and stare the area down. I slowly held up my arms to show I had no weapon and declared in my mind and speech that I was there in peace, a friend. I then turned and looked at the west tree line and saw nothing. 

I started walking to the south and was determined not to show fear, but display peace, love, harmony in my mind. I have no way of knowing if it is true that they can read mind's intentions, but it seemed that my actions would show the intent of my mind so I would not move threateningly, at least.

I might have been remiss in noting from my last visit, but I have a toy music box which automatically plays tunes and has a child speaking. This is battery operated and has buttons for different functions. I left it on when I left at my last visit. It will play, stop for a while and play again. I thought the power would run down before this visit. When I entered the wooded area inside the tree line, I heard the music box going through the functions; a song, a child's voice, then silence, then repeat. I let it continue to play while in the area, but turned it off upon leaving the location.

Items I observed having been moved and relocated include:

1.  The 2 sweet treats had been eaten and wrappers were on the ground close by.

2.  The music box on the 12 x 12 inch wood block had been moved slightly off center.

3.  The rock circle had more rocks moved around a thin small limb was laid across and another limb outside the circle was off to the side.

I changed the tire set-up, adding one of the plastic garbage can lids found a while back. In the upside down lid, I left a small frog stuffed animal, a toy flute, a toy harmonica, a jar of peanut butter, and a small hairbrush. 

I verbally spoke and physically demonstrated each item and how to use it in the hopes that I was being observed. 

Also, during this visit, the whole time, several crows were close by disclosing loudly my presence in the area. They were in the trees and doing loud "cawing" vocals. I also cawed back at them.

I began to focus on what happened to the previously eaten sweet treats and their wrappers. I asked verbally out loud about the wrappers. "Where are the wrappers? Where did you leave them?" I then, began to walk around the site more focused. I looked to my left and saw one of the previous wrappers and next to it was a ball! 

Admittedly, I was beside myself! I picked up both and verbally called out, "thanks for the ball!"

I took this as an exchange; a ball for a sweet treat. 

I couldn't help wondering about the other wrappers. Out loud, I asked "where is the other wrapper? Where do I look?" I widened my walking and felt a need to walk in a certain direction. I can't explain the feeling other than I was compelled from within. Approximately 30 feet away was a huge dead tree. I walked over near it and looked to the rear side of it. I found the other wrapper plus the small doughnut tray. The wrapper was on the ground by the tree. The small tray was in the crook of the tree approximately 7 feet off the ground. It looked as if it had been placed there. 

(other wrapper)

(doughnut tray)

To say this was exciting is an understatement! What were the statistical probabilities? I again asked out loud if there was another ball for me. I couldn't find one. Then, I walked a little ways past the tree through branches to a small clearing. There in the middle of the clearing were deer antlers with 4 points. I had walked the same area on a recent visit and no antlers had been there. Was this another item exchange? To my instincts, yes. This made me grin with pleasure.

I moved the antlers to the rock circle. I put it in the middle and rearranged the circle.

I gathered the balls I left at the directional limb arrow. This was near the grouping of plastic garbage can lids and other plastic covers. I moved the balls to another log near the main grouping of balls.

At this point, I had been in the area for less than an hour. I heard movement from east moving through the woods. It was slow, deliberate and seemed to be bipedal. This included twigs being broken and stepped on. It was loud. A shiver ran through me again. I was determined to show no fear, so I spoke out loud again, "I'm here in peace and, if possible, could I get a glimpse of whatever, whoever may be coming through the woods?" I again picked up each item on the garbage can lid on the tires set-up and showed it and demonstrated how the items could be used.

The movement I heard earlier stopped. I now spoke out, "I will leave." 

When I leave an enter an area, I whistle a specific tune to announce my arrival and departure. This gives them the chance to leave if they wish. 

As I was leaving, to the southwest past the creek, I heard my first owl hooting. It wasn't dark yet, just after 7 p.m. in the summertime. This was the first time on all my visits to hear an owl hoot. 

I was leaving the area and approaching the bike-hike trail. On the west side of the ditch approximately 75 feet away from the trail and bridge, there was a group of limbs and junk. It all looked out of place. Actually, I had not noticed all this on previous trips in. I took the limbs and stacked them in my signature style. Next time here, I will see if it was messed with. 

I couldn't ignore after this trip, that there was an exchange going on and they were cautiously interacting. My every decision would reinforce my trustworthiness, but like all connections, it would take time and repetition. 

August 3, 2014

What a miserable day! I took the bike on the trail to stop at area #1. At the end of the trail turnaround, I crashed my bike. The bike was damaged. I had to walk over 3 miles back. I did stop at the site on the way out, but no changes were noted from yesterday. I didn't take any photos. Looks like I'll be walking for some time.

In retrospect, it's interesting how I was divested of my wheels and forced to walk....


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