Friday, October 17, 2014

The Ultimate Halloween Movie Marathon!

Let's get into the mood - I'm going to give you options for 5 movies for Halloween night based on themes. 

I am giving you 5 films in each category that helps you to pace with both gothic and classic, modern and truly terrifying, so all levels and tastes are satisfied across decades and styles. You should have no more cravings after you finish the marathon in your chosen theme. 

**You provide the candles and candy**

"Netflix Streaming"

"The House On Haunted Hill"
"The Legend of Hell House"
"Children of the Corn"
"The Awakening"
"Fright Night"

This mix should give you enough variety from classic horror to moody, 80s cheese to a creepy cornfield on simple streaming format.

"Dark Night"

"Darkness Falls"
"The Haunting"
"Cemetery Man"
"Night of the Living Dead"
"A Nightmare On Elm Street"

These movies take place most of the time in the dark. It's a good mix of urban legend, creepy atmospheric, seriously twisted, and classic.


"The Haunting"
"The Amityville Horror"
"The Woman In Black"
"Ghost Story"

Everyone likes a ghost tale, but one that is told well will haunt you more than the ghosts! These five give you a sampling of every level of  ghostly activity in both modern and gothic settings.

"The Dead Eat the Living"

"28 Days Later"
"Night of the Creeps"
"Shawn of the Dead"

This mix should give you every type of need in this category from stylistic and dark urban humor to heart-pounding terror.


"Happy Birthday To Me"
"Black Christmas"
"My Bloody Valentine"
"Friday the 13th"

I tried not to throw in the obvious, "Halloween," as you've probably already seen it a few times this month!  This should give a variety for the genre and eras.

"YouTube For Free"

I like this mix! I found out I could watch my YouTube on my Roku device I use for Netflix. It's made it great to be able to stream movies and enjoy on the big screen.

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