Terror in the Cornfield!

And He Who Walks Behind The Rows did say, "I will send outlanders amongst you: a man and a woman. And these outlanders will be unbelievers and profaners of the holy. And the man will sorely test you, for he has great power, even greater than that of the Blue Man! ("Children of the Corn")

Cornfields produce a major crop in our country and fill many thousands of acres every year, but they also are associated with late summer into early fall, crows, corn mazes, scarecrows, and the setting of many creepy movies. 

Have you ever stood in a cornfield and listened to the wind blow the stalks? 

Corn Mazes

Below, I take you on a tour of a corn maze from daylight into the night. 

There's something very rustic and primitive about taking to a cornfield maze and mastering the twists and turns to find the center. The corn rubs back and forth in the breeze and the scratchy sizzling sound of dehydrated stalks and the ears of dried corn that have hardened into deep rich colors on the stalks, accompanies you.

Stopping to look up at the darkening sky, it's easy to lose your partner.

The sky becomes your own point of reference and it isn't showing you the way after sundown.

What is that scratching sound? Who goes there?

With the utter darkness now, you chase the only orb of light and the moon is taking you on a fool's trek.

Find a corn maze in your neck of the woods HERE

Candy Corn

Candy corn - the always present autumn favorite. We all buy it, keep it in a dish and upon occasion eat a few and then wonder what we ever thought was good about them. They are sentimental, but not particularly tasty. You can, however, use this sentimental favorite to make some really inspired treats!

How about trying to make your own fresh homemade candy corn?

Horror movies about scarecrows/cornfields

Night of the Scarecrow (my favorite!)
Hallowed Ground 
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers II
The Maze
Rites of Spring
The Fields 
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
The Messengers 
Children of the Corn (series)

What happens when a scaredy cat enters the corn maze?

"Signs" infamous scary cornfield scene!

Corn Husk Dolls

These delightful Native American crafts utilized a readily available sturdy item - the husks from corn. If you buy corn on the cob in the husks, have a couple wooden kabob skewers and some string, you are ready to go.