Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review: "One Foot From Hell" - Horror Short

I advocate horror shorts. In fact, my hope is some day to paranormal-themed short documentaries. I appreciate the minds that go into making these bits of fun and terror in the attention span that works for today's driven adults and feckless youth. 

Luckily, a filmmaker contacted me about a horror short of his that I found totally engaging. In fact, I was involved in the plot the entire time and that's not easy to do for a busy gal! 

One Foot From Hell  is a horror short about two young men getting their first apartment together and what starts out as pranks soon becomes evil. And, as you know how I love possessed dolls (since I live with Dale the Doll), you know this twist in the movie is just the thing to hit my terror spot!

Be sure and like their page on Facebook.  And check out the blog.  I hope to see a lot more from this moviemaker!  Let's promote indie work by up and coming visionaries!

One Foot From Hell - Horror Short from Peter Regan on Vimeo.

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