Friday, October 3, 2014

Oktoberfests Around the US!

This 16-day event in Bavaria in late September/early October is a hugely sought after event to attend in the autumn time.

In America, we certainly do our own renditions. The best one I ever attended was in Southern California at a little place called The Alpine Village in Torrance. 

They had a pretty fun one at Busch Gardens in Virginia, as well.

Be sure to bone up on your chicken dance skills -

If you live in the Boston area, here's your choices for Oktoberfest.

For those of you in the Chicago area, here's some Oktoberfests going on this year. 

Anyone living in the Austin area might appreciate this Oktoberfest. 

Pittsburgh - check here for Oktoberfests

Washington, DC - check here for Oktoberfests

San Francisco - check here for Oktoberfests

Seattle - check here for Oktoberfests

All the states can look at this link and find activities in their state!

Harvest ales, Oktoberfest beers, pumpkin ales, hard apple ciders - there is no better time of the year to get your ale on! Keep a lookout in your stores. My personal favorite is Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale - very rich, earthy, real pumpkin tasting - tastes like the month in a bottle.

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