Horror Movie Survival Tools in a Crate!

An amazingly creative and awesome company called ManCrates put the task to me - share with your readers what to put in a survival crate to make it through a horror movie. I have to say, after reviewing their wicked awesome crate gifts (comes with a crow bar), I was sold! I just love this concept and they really put thought into what to put inside the crates!

So, the dilemma is, what would you need in the crate that would help you survive a horror movie? I love doing "basket" theme gifts, so this will be fun. 

It seems the most immediate issue in a horror movie of any kind is hiding places and weapons.  I'm going to look at how the killers survived so well to know how the potential victim could go up against them. 

1.  Nightvision goggles. That'd be my first item. Remember in "Silence of the Lambs" when the killer was able to see Clarice while she was blindly shuffling around? 

2.  Pepper spray.  Why such a "lame" weapon? If you recall in "Halloween 2" Laurie shoots Michael in the eyes and he's hopelessly swinging his knife around, unable to find her. Temporary blindness - a huge boon to buy time! 

3.  Photographer's vest.  You are going to need to carry all your goods and keys while you're on the run, crawling, hiding, and confronting. Remember Laurie Strode in "Halloween" when she searched her pockets for her keys and struggled to use a coat hanger against Michael. 

4.  Waterproof matches.  At some point, you will invariably have to either torch the son-of-a-bitch, start a campfire, or maybe even light a bush on fire to get rescue help. Think about "Friday the 13th," if you've taken a swim across Crystal Lake, waterproof matches will be your survival-smart move!

5.  Energy/protein bar. You need energy to outrun, out smart, and perhaps survive lengthy periods of time in the wild/abandoned shack/basement. Remember in "Langoliers" when things coming off the plane lost their efficacy and so food and drink didn't work? Staying alive starts with calories first. 

6.  Hand ax.  Cutting wood, getting out of a room that is blocked shut, breaking out a window, attacking the killer - the hand ax is the winner for multipurpose. 

I'd love to hear what you'd put in the survive-a-horror-movie crate!

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