Halloween Ideas - Cheap and Easy!

Best horror-themed bathroom. Hang this curtain for $13.69.  Now, go online and find crime scene photos and autopsy reports and print them out and tape them to the walls like a mad psychotic killer's lair. A bloody handprint on the mirror and a rusty saw lying on the top of the toilet tank. Now, you have a seriously troubled guest bath. If anyone is especially curious and peeks into the shower, rub the bottom of the tub with Vaseline and add some water to the tub with some red food coloring. 

If you can get a person willing to be the poser, put them behind plastic that is hanging in a doorway and back light them with a colored light so they can move and post in agonizing ways. 

Inside out caramel apples

You cute the apple in half, scoop out most of the insides, pour in caramel (you can use caramel candies melted or take a can of sweetened condensed milk closed and put inside a crock pot submerged in water on low for 8 hours. Pour the caramel into the halves and refrigerate and then slice.

Exacto knife and plastic Halloween Jack O' Lantern for porch light

Customize a Facebook Cover Pic

Scoop out top of apple and insert candle, float in barrel of water

Decorate white candlesticks with nails, tacks, screws. Get a blood red candle and drip it on top. 

- Videos of yummy scary treats -