Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful Cryptid Art!

("Before Departure" by Thomas Finley)

I've been unbelievably blessed to surround myself with people in the field of cryptid research that I admire and respect and to avoid those I do not.

Sometimes, you come across someone who has your own sense of awe and wonder, curiosity and child-like appreciation for the subject. Thomas Finley, a most talented artist, has done covers of books, art for cryptid conventions, and much more. In fact, I encourage him to make some lovely children's books that portray the subjects and their personalities.

I've also been very honored to be the subject in two of his paintings. 

I think this talented man realizes my honorable intentions toward the subject of cryptids.

If you get a chance, do friend him on Facebook and follow his art. I highly suspect this man is about to explode on the scene with great recognition. His works of art are glorious and otherworldly, romantic and tender.

(book cover, "Respecting the Water" by Arla Williams)

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