Arizona Back Roads: A Travel Guide to Ghosts, Outlaws, and Miners

Julie Ferguson's new book, "Arizona Back Roads: A Travel Guide to Ghosts, Outlaws and Miners" is out now in paperback! 

Journey to Arizona through over 240 scenic photographic images and 36 stories imparting unusual and bizarre regional happenings throughout history. Read about the Native American ruins and the ancient civilizations that inhabited their stone walls, leaving behind pottery shards, handmade tools, and astonishing petroglyphs etched on boulders. Discover forgotten places, now decaying and abandoned, with accompanying stories behind their rise and fall. Visit six Southwestern mining towns famous for riches, scandals, and hope for new lives. These towns were booming in their heyday, but because of greed, natural disasters, and drying-up mines, they became ghost towns. Meet Wild West outlaws who ended up dead and buried somewhere in the desert. Discover mysterious conundrums either found buried beneath the dirt floor, roaming the barren desert, or made from odd objects, and witness the unusual weather conditions that plague the Southwest. Find ghosts, mummies, and fossils talked about in urban legends of the desert and lost treasures and castles in the mountains. Includes directions and visitor information. Arizona awaits your arrival.

Julie has done an exceptional job with this book and I'm so proud of her work, from her photography to research and desire to hit the AZ roads and learn it all first-hand. The book is lush and gorgeous photographically and graphically, a valuable reference tool for any planned treks around the wild and interesting state of Arizona!