Friday, September 26, 2014

Vlog Friday: Most Desirous Places To Study

Some other locations I would love to investigate -

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Ghosts
Largest stone structure, running waterway, cemetery on ground, perfect building layout for ideal feng shui, tragic history and deaths. This should be off the charts haunting wise.

TNT Bunkers, Point Pleasant, WV - Mothman 

I started the hike back, but a cop pulled up and wanted to know what Julie and I were doing there. I had no good explanation other than I was taking photographs. He waited for us to leave. I had such amazing psychic pathways in that area that I really wanted a chance to explore and try and read the environment. I very much intend to go back. 

Skeleton Cave, Arizona - Psychometry
This cave was the site of an ambush and slaughter of a native tribe. Something about the stone structure of the mountain around them and the standoff that makes me think it retains much memory or haunting potential. As a psychometrist, I would like to stand here, touch the walls, and see what I can pick up from what occurred there.

East Texas - Sasquatch
I consider this region ground zero for Sasquatch investigations. There is a combination of heavy population and the clans being used to interactions. I very much would like to spend more time in the field and utilizing my psychic tracking abilities as well as trying to connection. Communication is my ultimate goal.

Four Corners, Southwest - mixed para
This region has so much odd stuff going on, it'd be for a para smorgasbord. All manner of cryptids, ghosts, UFOs, cattle mutilations, skinwalkers, and Thunderbirds, you name it! 

Lovelock Cave, Nevada - Giants
Ultimate dream to go in there and touch the rock. I have a very odd talent for being able to see scenes from the past playing out. It's a bit disorienting when it happens, but it's also a true wonder to behold. I'd love to see what happened if I touched the rocks and let myself sift. 

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