Vlog Friday: Aliens

We've been told a lot about aliens through popular culture; movies, videos, accounts, and books. We've fantasized they come in peace, they want to dominate our planet and annihilate us, and every other possible scenario in between. 

The truth is, they have yet to decide to confront us or demand anything. 

I tend to look at behaviors. What do they say?

UFO's appear in public areas where we can view them. That says they are not trying to be anonymous or hidden particularly, nor do they want the masses to feel threatened by them, hence they move out of sight quickly. There some things we can glean from this behavior. 

What do they want? Why are they here? Well, alien abduction and encounters tell a story of curiosity in our reproduction and in trying to comfort us, assure us, or show us a vision of a future to promote understanding of their concern. Their attention to places like nuclear weapons arsenals, our human physical condition, and enlightening us shows signs of concern for us. It would appear that they come with a desire to nudge us, watch us, be sure we don't do harmful things.

Much of what they seem to be doing shows signs of parental concern. They come, check on the young, look them over, be sure they play nicely, and then move on to let them learn to do it on their own. 

Are we an experiment for them or their proudest accomplishment? Are they caretakers for some greater being(s) or simply gaining knowledge from watching our hatchling evolution?

This ongoing puzzle continues to intrigue us which is why UFO sightings meet with such excitement from the public. It's like finding out you are not alone in the universe and feeling excited to have a sibling you didn't know about!