Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vintage: How To Age a Mannequin Head

I wanted to make a simple cheap mannequin head into something vintage that looked like it had been left outdoors in the elements and aged over time. In my mind, this was a 1950s style head that had seen decades of neglect.

I began by painting the entire head and neck pink and blue in various random patches, then painted with crackle medium, and painted a pale skin tone. 

She was not near done yet! I went back over her with crackle medium and then a yellowish medium skin tone. I then took some ochre paint and put it in water and used it to make drip marks on her and where water might have run down if she was outside. 

Then to give ultimate age to her, I took black glaze and painted it onto small areas and rubbed it off with paper towels so that the glaze just went into cracks and soaked into some porous paint areas. 

Then, I went back and painted makeup on her and chipped away at it when it was dry. 

I've added it to my at-home Halloween display - 


  1. Fantastic job. The detail and effort really paid off.

    1. Thanks. As long as you don't try too hard, it kind of messes itself up and looks older.