The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Adding Complexities

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NOTE: Green highlighter is done on the items that were moved between visits.

The primary research areas in the urban location are these, although the research intends to branch out to some other periphery locales over time.
Area #1= the ditch, grassy right-of-way with trail entry opening and the cedar tree break.
Area #2= pipeline right-of-way / P-ROW. Using the bike/hike trail is just the way to get to the P-ROW. This area includes the east side trail entry with large limbs signature stack and the nearby 3 tree breaks location.This is 2 miles east of area #1.

June 28, 2014

I took off 27 days from the study. I enjoyed a 16-day vacation that was much needed and I came back renewed and ready to tackle the site again with a fresh eye. If the "unseen participants" were on a circuit and moving around in the summertime, they might be ready to head back into my urban study site again. The past study taught me that they tend to go back and forth between a few places, sometimes several miles apart.

Early in the morning, my wife and I went bike riding in the park. While at the back end of the bike trail, I stopped at the P-ROW (pipeline right-of-way) to check the two areas that had activity before. The foliage was heavy now, but other than that, things looked unchanged. In fact, with the foliage, it made it hard to see these locations from the P-ROW path.

We rode back to area #1 to the tires setup. When I arrived, I observed a change. Not far from the trail opening, out of the grassy area, there were some limbs and branches laid out across the grassy area from the tree line over to where the grassy area goes down into the ditch. Actually, it looked like some sort of crude blocking formation to keep wheeled items out such as bikes, tractors and mowers. This went on toward south of the creek. I had never seen this kind of thing there before. 

The four tires had been moved. Two tires were found approximately 10 feet from where I had stacked the four together previously. This was near the larger tree inside the tree line near the cedar tree with the break. It was hard to see from the grassy area. 

The other two tires were found deeper in the wooded area I was investigating. 

I rearranged the tires again into a new setup to see what would happen next. The doughnut package that had been left, was now gone. I did not find the wrapper either.

(another view)

July 4, 2014

The tire setups I left on June 28th, were not tampered with. I rearranged them again.

I moved deeper into the woods into a small clearing. I also explored the immediate area in more detail. This I had not done yet. Nearly all previous visits were 30 minutes or less, a few had been 30 minutes to an hour. This time, I was compelled to go check on some "trash pockets," or piles of junk. I was not certain who had piled up these areas of trash, but I planned to bring trash bags next time and clean up, though something about these finds had me pondering who had dumped trash there and why....

I did some new setups and this was the layout - 

1.  Put the four tires with plastic junk bottles or containers on sticks in the ground besides the tires in four directions.

2.  I moved the four-foot log from another tree to this larger tree and put on the vertical leaning log, two sweet treats (packaged doughnuts).

3.  I nailed a photo to the tree. This is a photo from a trip to Sulphur, Oklahoma in which I'm standing near a creek in a place where approximately 200 footprints were observed and photo documented by me in the Fall of 2003.  Just to cover all bases, on the laminated sheet, I also printed out some Ogham writing. These symbols have been seen in some ancient sites around the United States and some stick formations left behind by Sasquatch appear to show similar shapes. I have to wonder if they might have learned this from early settlers here or been influenced by things they saw draw on rock walls and carved into rock surfaces. 

4.  I laid out reddish volcanic rocks in a circular pattern and 3 sticks made into a tripod over it.

5.  In the junk pockets/trash dumps I found within the woods, I found a tremendous number of balls of all kinds, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, ping pong.... I gathered a bunch on this trip and made a circle near a log in the clearing area. 

6.  I took branches and limbs and laid them out as a V-shaped marker (arrow direction pointer) in  different spots in the immediate area.  All pointed towards the small clearing area with the new setups, food and balls. At the point of each direction arrow, I stood a stick in the ground of approximately 12-18 inches in length and put a plastic bottle from the junk pile onto the stick so that the arrows on the ground would be more noticeable.  

7.  I left two sets of packaged doughnuts behind some thick vines on the gifting tree.  These put approximately 6 to 7 feet off the ground. 

July 13, 2014

I arrived at the parking area. I then took my bike to area #1. The branches and limbs were still in the grassy area as I placed them on my last visit.  I decided not to move them.

The 4 arrow-directional pointers I laid out the last time have been messed with. Three of the ground arrows have the wood scattered around. The other arrow has the stick with plastic container knocked over. Of course, all of these could have been hit by hogs, deer, and the like.

At the tires setup, the top tire was now on the ground with the pop-up toy vehicle next to it on its side. Two of the four sticks stuck in the ground with plastic bottles on them were now knocked over.  

The rock circle had one of the rocks moved inside the wheel, another rock was on the outside

The two sweet treats of doughnuts are gone. The wrappers are nowhere to be seen. 

I decided to explore the area more. There were specific junk/trash pockets within the park woods. These contain glass, metal and plastic containers, paper trash, garbage lids of various types, water meter valve covers, and balls of various colors and sizes.

I estimate this area to be 50-75 yards square with many junk/trash pockets within.  At some point in the future, I decided I would get more accurate measurements of the overall area and junk, trash pockets using 25-foot and 100-foot tape measures.  

The last 2 visits yielded 54 balls from the junk/trash pockets. These were all colors and sizes from ping pong to regulation basketball sizes.  Also, the area stays damp for long periods of time and seems to be a rooting/wallowing area of hogs, especially the junk/trash pockets. 

I had taken the balls and lined them up in 3 rows behind a ground log in the clearing/interaction spot. From the grassy area, the balls cannot be seen. 

I also took the sticks with plastic bottles and containers that were at the head of the 4 directional ground points and moved them to the front of the 4 stacked tires.  

The tire on the ground, I leaned against the other 3. I also put the containers knocked over behind another log on their sticks. I then moved the toy next to another ground log. That was all I planned for this trip.

Thinking back at the junk/trash pockets, I had to wonder if this might be some kind of lure to dump trash from park containers into an area and make something attractive to smaller creatures for a private Sasquatch hunting site. If it is, this shows a very keen mind at work and good at utilizing resources for personal gain.

Admittedly, this perplexing realization made me wonder just what kinds of games of intelligence I could provide on future setups....