Monday, September 15, 2014

Self-Healing Exercise

Being a healer isn't as magical as people believe. There is only the capability of the mind. If you imagine picking a lemon, feeling the bumpy surface, and smelling the tart scent and then biting it, juice squirting, your salivary glands go bonkers. You did not eat a lemon. You only imagined eating a lemon. The power of the mind is amazing. If we imagine a spider can hurt us, adrenalin flows, heart pounds, and a chemicals are released into the system. The same goes for healing thoughts - releasing the right chemicals, but the mind must have an instigator, a catalyst (like seeing the spider or imagining the lemon).

I am going to share some healing tips that I utilize when I do self healing.

Sit comfortably or lie comfortably. 

Close your eyes. 

I want you to breathe in through your nose and when you breathe in, envision all the love your family and friends have for you, the sunshine, the hugs, the happy days off, all the good things that make you feel safe and precious. See that warmth entering your body like a golden light, spreading throughout every cell with love - safety - happiness - joy.

When you breathe out, I want you to envision bits of black within the body that are hurt, resentment, anger, pain, and see the black plaque breaking into flakes, heading out your mouth as you breathe out through your mouth. 

Breathe in golden light of love and warmth and happiness, soothing your body in every cell, every nook and corner, spreading like melting butter within.

Breathe out all the pain, disease, negativity, hurt, resentment and depression - little black flakes floating out your mouth as you exhale.

Do this over and over, focusing on love, focusing on dissipating the bad darkness until you envision every bit of your body golden, all the black particles gone.

Do this daily and if you are in a bad way, do it a few times a day until you feel you have depleted the darkness and replaced it with warmth.  

This is a good exercise to do for maintenance as well. I like to do it for a couple minutes each day when I take my daily bath or lay down to go to sleep. 

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