Proof of Hollow Earth!

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr.

This American naval officer came to be known as an aviator, polar explorer and expert.  He claimed to have been the first to reach the North Pole and South Pole by air. Although there was much controversy as to supposedly erased parts of his flight plans and possibly turning back short of the pole to fix an oil leak, he created more controversy from a running legend that he had flown into the pole and entered Hollow Earth, finding a civilization beneath the earth and writing about it in a diary.

Source:   During his Arctic flight of 1,700 miles beyond the North Pole he reported by radio that he saw below him, not ice and snow, but land areas consisting of mountains, forests, green vegetation, lakes and rivers, and in the underbrush saw a strange animal resembling the mammoth found frozen in Arctic ice. Evidently he had entered a warmer region than the icebound Territory that extends from the Pole to Siberia. If Byrd had this region in mind he would have no reason to call it the "Great Unknown", since it could be reached by flying across the Pole to the other side of the Arctic region.

Source: Starting at 70 to 75 degrees north and south latitude the Earth starts to curve IN. The Pole is simply the outer rim of a magnetic circle around the polar opening. The North Magnetic Pole, once thought to be a point in the Arctic Archipelago, has been lately shown by Soviet Arctic explorers to be a line approximately 1000 miles long. However, as we stated above, instead of being a straight line it is really a circular line constituting the rim of the polar opening. When an explorer reaches this rim, he has reached the North Magnetic Pole; and though the compass will always point to it after one passes it, it is really not the North Pole even if one is deluded into thinking it is, or that he discovered the Pole due to having been misled by his compass. When one reaches this magnetic circle (the rim of the polar opening), the magnetic needle of the compass points straight down. This has been observed by many Arctic explorers who, after reaching high latitudes, near to 90 degrees, were dumbfounded by the inexplicable action of the compass and its tendency to point vertically upward. (They were then inside the polar opening and the compass pointed to the Earth's North Magnetic Pole which was along the rim of this opening.

Polar explorers not only mention fauna (animals) but flora (vegetation) in the extreme north. Also many animals, like the musk-ox, strangely migrate northward in winter, which it would do only if it reached a warmer land there. Repeatedly, Arctic explorers have observed bears heading northward into an area where there cannot be food for them if there was no polar opening into a warmer region. Foxes also were found north of the 80th parallel heading north, obviously well fed. Without exception, Arctic explorers agree that, strangely, the further north one goes, after a certain latitude, the warmer it gets.

Invariably, a north wind brings warmer weather. Coniferous trees were found drifting ashore, coming from the far north. Butterflies and bees were found in the far north, and even mosquitoes, but they are not found hundreds of miles to the south and not until Canadian and Alaskan climate areas conducive to such insect life are reached.

Unknown varieties of flowers were also found in the extreme north. Birds resembling snipe, but unlike any known species of bird, were seen to come from the north, and to return there. Hare are plentiful in a far northern area where no vegetation grows but where vegetable matter is found in drifting debris from the more northern open waters.

Eskimo tribes have left unmistakable traces of their migration by their temporary camps, always advancing northward Southern Eskimos speak of tribes that live in the far north. They hold the belief that their ancestors came from a land of paradise in the extreme north.

In New Zealand and lower South America are found identical fauna and flora which could not have migrated from one of these places to the other. The only explanation is that they came from a common motherland - the Antarctic continent. Yet how could they come from there if it is a frozen waste where only penguins seem able to survive? "Only Admiral Byrd's 'mystery land' can account for these inexplicable facts and migrations," concludes Palmer.

Many Arctic explorers, after passing the ring of ice around the curve leading to the Earth's interior, continued straight north until they crossed this ice barrier. Many entered the opening leading to the interior but did not know it and thought they were still on the outer surface. The reason for this is that the opening is so large that one cannot know the difference except that the sun rises later and sets sooner, its rays being cut off by the rim of the polar opening after one enters it. This has been observed by all Arctic explorers who went sufficiently north. The polar opening is believed by Gardner to be 1,400 miles in diameter.

Once they were inside the Earth, explorers entered a New World where they found things opposite to what they expected. The needle of the compass pointed vertically instead of horizontally as it did before, due to the fact that the true magnetic pole is located in the middle of the curve leading from the outside to the inside of the earth. The further north they went, the warmer it became. The ice of Arctic regions further south disappeared and was replaced by open sea (Admiral Byrd found a total absence of ice and snow in the "land beyond the Pole" over which he passed for 1,700 miles.)

Byrd made statements that to many intimated that he had found something extraordinary. Following a 1956 flight, "The present expedition has opened up a vast new land."

Source:  In 1947 Byrd allegedly undertook another flight over the North Pole. This time, in a diary that didn’t surface until years later, Byrd recorded events as he flew into the earth, and encountered the inhabitants who live there. He landed his craft, and spoke with a representative of the city of Agartha (referred to as Ariana in some accounts), who reprimanded him for humanity’s recent invention of the atomic bomb, and warned that a dark age is to come if humans don’t shape up. Byrd was sent on his way, with instructions to bring this message back to the surface people.

Reptilians and Greys, UFOs; all from Hollow Earth?  And what of those ancient giants who loved to mine and had technology ahead of their time, but then went missing? Were they visiting our surface? Might they be the "ant people" the Hopi spoke of who came from inside the earth? What of the Moon People the Cherokee spoke of who only came out at night and were sensitive to light? Were they relocated Hollow Earthlings? 

While it may seem extraordinary to consider a Hollow Earth concept, it would actually seem more feasible from a logic standpoint, that UFOs and aliens would have launched from our own planet rather than some far away world. We could coexist on a planet with intelligent life forms that evolved long before us in more beneficial areas beneath ground that were less bombarded by radiation, sunlight, meteors, and the like. We have been very arrogant in our understanding of where life occurs on our very own planet and we certainly haven't spent extraordinary time below. 

I am not personally saying I believe in Hollow Earth, but if such a thing could exist, it raises a lot of interesting questions about alien encounters, a culture with massive underground resources, the coming and going of odd cryptids and encounters in caves. 

I admit to a super fascination with caves and what is inside the earth, ever since I saw the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" as a child. Having grown up digging up relics, I have a tendency to think the earth holds many treasures. Expect to see more posts about cave goings on's and creepiness within the earth. It's a subject dear to my heart.

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