Paranormal Geeks Radio Tonight: Tom Fusco!

Tonight on Paranormal Geeks Radio, the special guest is Tom Fusco! I'm very excited about this episode. It will be on 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific!

What if someone were to discover a truly new conceptual model of supernatural mechanics that not only explained (and served to validate!) the workings of miracles, paranormal events, UFO behavior and psychic phenomena in a reasonable and consistent way, but also the manifestations observed at haunted sites like temperature drops, EMF spikes, breezes, feelings of heaviness and the failure of electronics, all with the same singular set of principles? Moreover, what if this exact same model could be applied to shed light on a number of puzzling anomalies still confronting science today like certain enigmas involving gravity, origins of intelligence, quantum entanglement and dark matter, as well as the feasibility of interstellar travel, higher dimensions, teleportation and time travel?

The theory of supergeometry presented in my new book, Behind the Cosmic Veil: A New Vision of Reality Merging Science, the Spiritual and the Supernatural has finally uncovered this long-coveted unifying concept. Here is an except from the back cover and website:

In this groundbreaking work, author Thomas P. Fusco employs a revolutionary approach to uncover the underlying cosmic matrix connecting contemporary physics, the human psyche, paranormal phenomena and long-established religious principles, then weaves it into an entirely new model of reality that not only joins these disciplines into a single, greater system, but explains the enigmas of our time in a sensible, consistent and scientific way. This extraordinary model foretells the coming of a future super-technology by which we will be able to create anything we can imagine. Behind the Cosmic Veil opens the door to a whole new way of looking at our inner selves and the universe around us, where the boundaries between mind, faith, physics and the supernatural become indistinguishable.

I want to assure you this is a serious, comprehensive work, intelligently presented, and rooted in credible observation, sound reasoning and established physical principles. There are no calculations or formulas--most of the revolutionary concepts are easy to explain and grasp. Nor are any of these claims hyperbole, which no doubt you’ve encountered before with prospective guests proclaiming yet another ‘new’ theory. This is truly different than anything that has come before. Here is a universal model that finally breaks out beyond the borders of philosophy and speculation to which discussions on these topics have traditionally been confined. Unlike previous theories that likewise incorporate spiritual elements, supergeometrics makes predictions about certain aspects of physical reality that can actually be scientifically tested. I’m excited to report that a number of these predictions have already been experimentally verified. I firmly believe it will significantly revolutionize several fields of study like the paranormal, psychic phenomena, spirituality, ufology, theoretical physics and even religious apologetics. It is already changing the way people perceive and understand the universe around them. Radio hosts and audiences everywhere are recognizing this work as a milestone breakthrough in supernatural mechanics and new physics.